1. M

    Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 - how do they compare to Creative's SBX Pro? Gamer seeking best positional audio/sound here!

    As a gamer, I am mostly interested in positional sound/audio features for headphones. I have experienced Dolby Headphone, CMSS-3D, and SBX Pro/Surround. Thus far, I find SBX Pro/Surround to have the best positional sound, but mostly because of a single advantage SBX Pro/Surround has over Dolby...
  2. hawk1410

    A question about a few IEMs

    So I am currently in India for the next month or so and my main set of IEMs(the Image S4) broke and I am looking for a replacement IEM. Nothing too fancy, just something that does the job. I have been checking out some websited and the only IEMs in my price range(around 100$) that are available...
  3. Fischer Audio Paradigm V2

    Fischer Audio Paradigm V2

    Specifications : - Frequency range : 10-20000 Hz - Sensitivity : 104 dB - Impedance : 16 Om - Input power : 60 mW - Length of a cable : 1.25 M - Color : black / silver. - Set : ear tips, pouch.