1. HyperTooth

    Could someone please help a new audiophile learn a little about Impedance, Ohms, and Hertz?

       Can someone please explain to me how Ohms and Hertz affect the quality of a headphone? I've recently got into the hi-fi world, I am a completely confused as how this all works. I recently bought a pair of Harmon/Kardon CL's and a Creative Sound Blaster ZX sound card. With it comes a built in...
  2. marone

    Have TakStar Pro80 and Looking for the Next Step Up...Got Bored

    Exhibiting tremendous restraint and not just leaping to a pair of 800's, I have slowly moved up the value / SQ chain with 20 pairs of cans. What would be the next good step up from the Pro80's? Closed or Open is fine. I listen to rock, jazz, current Asian pop, classical, prog, kraut, very...
  3. diodiel

    Wanted: FA-003 , FA-002w, FA-004 goodprice and good condition! :)

    heyy there just leave a message here or pm thanks! anything similar to it is a possibility! ;-)      
  4. misformatt

    Fischer Audio FA-004 (Brown)

    Hello fellow head-fiers!  I have for sale my Fischer Audio FA-004.  As you can see, they are the brown and gold version.  They are in excellent shape both sonically and aesthetically.  The original box and all original accessories (carrying pouch, 1/4" adapter, etc.) will all be included as...
  5. diodiel

    Looking/WTB FA-004

    yea i live in the usa... just looking for those phones... looking for good condition "babied" or minty should be more awesome i would appreciate pictures, proof of purchase etc  and explanation of condition :) sorry if im asking too much im just bored.. but yea if you notice im just looking for...
  6. diodiel

    WTB TMA-1 or FA004 the cheapest i could get! :)

    ^^ looking for these cans...  thanks!
  7. ziocomposite

    Wanted FA-004

    Hey guys/gals!  I'm looking for the Fischer Audio FA-004 which unfortunately is not sold @ gd audio.  I've heard of Budgen but also know about recent problems with them.  If anyone has these in the states and would like to sell them I'll gladly take them off your hands.   Thanks again...
  8. FlySweep

    FS: Fischer Audio FA-004

    For sale is my Fischer Audio FA-004.  It's in excellent condition, I'm the original owner & it's lived in a home that is smoke & pet free.  Comes with 1/8" adapter (and I'll include a travel adapter too).   -Shipped USPS / CONUS only. -Payment to be made via PayPal.
  9. diodiel

    WTB FA-004 BROWN

    hi im from chicago 60068. im looking to buy a good condition brown one thanks! lemme know! have a good one!
  10. attika89

    Maxell Retro other phone with the same OEM as the FA-004/HM3

      Maxell Retro DJ   Does anyone have any experience with it? Based on the experiences on the other Fischer/BW products with the same OEM, this can be most likely the same as the Fischer Audio FA-004...
  11. eltocliousus

    Wanted: PRODJ100 & FA-004

    Looking for some Koss PRODJ100s and Fischer Audio FA-004s, PM me with the price including shipping to the UK (tracked shipping), thankyou!
  12. Hente

    WTB: FA-004 Velour pads or pink/cyan pads.

    Specifically looking for the brown velours that come with the white FA-004s for my Incipio F38s, other colors are fine too when it comes to the velour. I'd also be fine with the cyan/pink pads as well. PM with a price.
  13. Canuck99

    New Brainwavz HM3 (aka FA-004) $40

    New (few weeks old) don't get used because they hurt the bottom of my ears. Also they are not around or on ears for me - but uncomfortably in between. Not burnt in yet - just a few hours from the first few days I had them. $69.50 at mp4nation. Same as the Fischer Audio FA-004. Joker gave these...
  14. DannyBai

    SOLD - Fischer Audio FA-004 (PRICE LOWERED)

    Brand new FA-004.  Just received them a week ago from Musica Acoutics.  Used them for maybe five hours.  Everything included.  Paypal shipping included in price.  US only.  
  15. Hente

    FS: White Incipio F38s (OEM Fischer FA-004 & Brainwavz HM3)

    Just recieved 'em a couple of days ago from Amazon and I feel kind of unsafe returning them; feels more reassuring to deal with an actual person. I like them but I'd rather just stay with my IEMs. Price does not include shipping.
  16. tinglydingly

    Replacing earpads for Fischer Audio FA-004

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this post so I apologize if it is.   I recently bought the Fischer Audio FA-004 headphones and the earpads are not large enough for me. The pads aren't deep enough so after light use my ears are aching like mad. I plan on returning it...
  17. Shroom

    Senheiser hd 449( short review)

    Hi guys I just picked up a pair of hd 449´s and im extremly impressed so far. Their reception here has been underwhelming as far as i have seen , but considering the limited supply of cans i can get in my country these are the most creap clear headphones i have ever heard. The mids pop out...
  18. Boeing777

    Fischer Audio FA-004 On Ear Heaven at a great price!. . . . . .

    Just purchased a pair of Fischer Audio FA-004s On Ear Closed-Back headphones this is a very short and quick review:- Packaging is absolutely outstanding with a real luxurious carry case that is a proper headset bag with zip fastening included are extra ear covers and instruction...
  19. headphone man07

    Audiophile favourites

    Hey head-fiers I've been thinking recently, seen as it's Christmas loads of people have been asking me about headphone recommendations, it's been fun and I'm trying to get as many people as possible to get nice neutral ones and then put fiio e6 on bass boost, well it got me thinking what are...
  20. headphone man07

    headphones for my friend

    Hi head-fiers, a friend of mine is looking for headphones and went to me (her local headphone geek) and is looking for cans that look good, good for pop and most other genres, under 100 pounds sound amazing (she didn't ask for that but I'd cringe if they weren't) and won't deafen her (she's...
  21. Sniper1

    Pro-Ject Hear It One ?

    Anybody tried them ? New closed headphones from Pro-Ject. Here's from the website: Pro-Ject Hear it One Audiophile stereo headphone Specifications • smart, audiophile & comfortable • Classic design • Adjustable...
  22. Jackquelegs

    ATH-CK10, Shure SRH-840, AKG K172, Fischer Audio FA-004 (Black and Brown), Zune HD 16gb, Cowon D2 4gb + 16gb SD

    Hello everyone,   I've been off the audio scene for a while now, and wish to free up some real estate on my table. All prices do NOT include shipping and paypal fees (willing to split). Since I haven't been paying attention to the market lately, prices are negotiable. Lowballers will be...
  23. sherby42

    Headphones for about $200

    I have been looking at headphones for a while and I cant decide what to get. I want some portable cans that are good for pop and rap. As from the title you know that it has to be about $200 with a comfortable fit for long peroids of time. They will be used for listining calmly and on the bus...
  24. Hente

    Incipio F38 vs Monoprice 8323. I also have a question about the different F38 models (NX-100/103/104).

    Hiya, i'm currently using a pair of Phillips SHE 3850s but I'd really like to replace them. While I love them for their sound quality, the itchy feeling I get in my ears while wearing them drives me insane, not to mention the annoyance of having to maintain a good seal in order to get that...
  25. ryuken3k

    Looking for earphones with little to no bass, clear sound

    After reading through reviews of many earphones, it seems like a lot of them have a high bass level. Bass always gives me a headache after listening to it for a few minutes. I was wondering if there are high quality earphones with little to no bass, that produces clear, accurate sound?