1. Hapster

    The next step from Triple Fi. 10? (under $400)

    Thread closed, purchased T-Peos H-300
  2. fnb1

    Fischer Amps FA-4E XB vs Senn IE8

    Hello   Has anyone heard both of these in-ears? I have the IE8 now, but would love som more sparkle in the treble and more details. Would it be an upgrade to get the Fischer's?  I listen to a wide range of music, and wouldnt want to miss a lot of bass and the big soundstage like the IE8 has...
  3. lolhart

    Comparing Similar Earphones

    I wanted to write a comparison of two IEMS I own and I'm finding it very difficult as the sound signatures are very similar.  Does anyone have any recommendations for songs or testings methods for doing this?  I have tried using the music I typically listen to and different sources, but they...
  4. Labze

    Stagediver SD3 Vs Fischer FA-4E XB

    Hey   Looking for an upgrade to my sennheiser ie8's and have narrowed down the options till these 2 choice SD3 and FA-4E XB. Anyone having experience with both, that can give his or her recommendation, or people with individual experience that can help me decide? Music taste is very broad...
  5. vrln

    FS: Sennheiser IE 800/Fischer Amps FA 4E-XB

    Good evening Head-Fi people!   I´m saving money to try the Shure SE846 so these two are going on sale:   (1) Sennheiser IE 800, mint condition, all original stuff included, bought from Stockmann (most well known department store in Finland, sell all high end Sennheiser gear)...
  6. Fischer Amps FA-4E XB

    Fischer Amps FA-4E XB

    Product Details Fischer Amps FA-4E XB Earphones deliver a stunningly accurate, clear and powerful sound with 6dB of bass enhancement up to 100Hz.and linear mids & highs. Due to the high efficiency of the earphones, the volume of your sound source can be turned down. Perfect for professional...