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    Are these the right headphones for me? (Baby’s first +100€ model, plus two papable contenders)

    Thanks to Joe for verifying my email. [Disclaimer: this post was insanely long before and still kinda is, because I tend to write a lot. I cut it down, used bullet lists for immediate comprehension, and hid non-immediate stuff under spoilers so it's less of an eyesore. I really am a clown]...
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    Recommendations for first time audiophile headphone purchase.

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for recommendations for cans and a DAC/amp. I've been interested for years but finally have some money to spare. Probably the nicest I've owned are the Bose QC25, but I'm ready to move on to something better. I was tempted by the HD 650s and saw the...
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    New member here and looking for some advice

    Hello from Portugal ;) I just joined and I'm looking for some advice on some headphone amps. I mostly game on the PC, listen to some music as well and sometimes even watch a movie but my main focus is casual gaming. A lot of casual gaming (when I have the time that is...)!! While researching...
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    Hey guys, obviously I'm new here, but i was looking to get my first "audio setup" as far as a pair of over $150 headphones, and also my first amp and dac. I've already done my research and decided on a Fiio k3 (sorry if some of the names i list are off, I'm going off memory) for the amp/dac...
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    HELP - I have a fever, and the only prescription is my 1st pair of headphones

    First time poster and total noob, looking for advice on purchasing my first set of headphones. Well, my first pair since those old Magnavox's I used to rock out to KISS 8-tracks when I was five. I've read countless reviews and have lurked on this forum for a while (great stuff, thank you), but...