1. tomscy2000

    Portable Amplifiers from the Far East: Firestone Audio Fireye HD & Tralucent Audio T1 (Lots of Pictures!)

    Portable Amplifiers from the Far East...     I would like, firstly, to declare that my experience with portable amplifiers has been limited. I’ve heard my fair share of them, but have never made them a priority, primarily because I didn’t like carrying them around, regardless of how...
  2. Loquah

    Tralucent T1 appreciation thread - post your experiences and questions here

    I recently bought the T1 and am so impressed. I've written a review in the product section, but was prompted by another Head-Fi'er (thanks saraguie) to start this thread so here goes with the review...       The T1 is a new portable amp from a new audio company (Tralucent). Don't be...
  3. Dogmatrix

    Firestone Audio, Fireye HD Impressions

    Just ordered the new Fireye HD will post pics and first impressions as soon as it arrives   Cant find much of a mention apart from a short reference to a prototype   Anybody already have one ?   Anybody want one ?
  4. Firestone Audio - Fireye HD - Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Firestone Audio - Fireye HD - Portable Headphone Amplifier

    FireyeHD is a portable Headphone Amplifier which goes with any kind of MP3 player.