final e4000
  1. SilverLodestar

    Super Summer Sale! [US-NM] FS: Campfire Io, Tansio Mirai TSMR-3, Final Audio E4000, Shure SE846, Toneking T4, Anew U1, Tenhz P4 Pro, BQEYZ KB100

    Hey all. Today, I’m looking to clear out some gear just in time for summer! All items here are very well taken care of and come from a smoke-free environment. I’m looking to sell the following: Campfire Audio Io — $280 [] Final Audio E4000 — $110...
  2. final E4000

    final E4000

    E4000 Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Delivers clear sound quality across all bandwidths and a sense of real, true-to life sound. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby certain high frequencies are emphasized, you’re...