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    Fiio FH5 or Massdrop Plus? (maybe Final B3 or FH7?)

    Hey all, I've been thinking about stepping up my IEM game and I'm having a tough time deciding which IEM to get. A little history, I have a Tin T2 and Final E2000. I had a Tin T4, but sold it because I found it too fatiguing and the treble made it feel a bit messy to me. I like the tonality of...
  2. final B3

    final B3

    2019 New model, B3 from final, Japan. Link to the other models in the same series: [B1] [B2] General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: B series Model Name: B3 Price: USD 499 Specification Drivers: 2 Balanced Armature (1 Tweeter + 1 Full Range Networkless) Housing Material...