final audio
  1. Leicachamp

    FS: Final Audio Sonorous VIII

    From my research this is the first ever pair of Sonorous VIII ever offered for sale on headfi! I am original owner of this lightly used Viii. As you can see from pics this is minty. Please contact me for shipping quotes.
  2. puck

    SOLD Final Audio Pandora Hope (Sonorous) VI with Extras

    I have truly loved these headphones but the time has come to let them go as I have moved on to others. They are in great condition over all. They come with stock pads, Brainwaves sheepskin pads, and ZMF Ori sheepskin pads. All of the pads are in nearly new condition and the ZMFs have maybe 20...
  3. royneo

    [€1850 off!] Mint Focal Utopia - Price dropped!

    Hi all, I'm selling an Focal Utopia with earpads and headband in excellent condition. Please note that is very slight paint wear on the headphone as found in the last picture. The overall condition is pretty much a 9.5/10. This Utopia was bought in June 2018 and the warranty would run until...
  4. JohnPham

    [WTB] Final Audio - 4.4mm Balanced C106 Straight MMCX Silver-Coated Cable

    Looking for a final audio 4.4 mm balanced mmcx cable (C106 model). PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  5. JohnPham

    [SOLD] Final Audio A8000

    Hi all, I'm selling my lightly used pair of Final Audio's flagship in-ear monitor, the A8000. I had it for about two weeks and put about 250 hours (200 of those hours were for burn-in time, not worn) of time into them. The IEM look visually new and comes with the box, valid warranty, and all...
  6. Final Audio

    Final STORE and Final E500 introduced by Virtual Youtuber, Kazami YUIKA

    Final STORE In the past, Final has been trying to create opportunities to have direct interaction and communication with the community. From DIY earphone assembly events, open showroom, MAKE tuning event to acoustic engineering lecture which were regularly organized during the past few years, we...
  7. Final E500

    Final E500

    Final E500 The new model in the E-series which delivers the most neutral sound among the series. The perfect neutral sound signature of the E500 is not only suitable for music lovers who enjoy relaxing neutral sounding, the extreme accuracy in sound localization is also working seamlessly...
  8. Audio46

    Special 15% off Final Audio at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Final Audio For the next week, nearly all Final Audio products at Audio46 will be 15% off. Some exceptions apply! SHOP NOW (Please note that due to COVID-19, we are limited to online sale only. Shipping may experience some delays.)
  9. bancanus

    [Sold] FS: Sony IER M7 [Price Reduced]

    - Less than a week old - USD 365 plus shipping
  10. Audio46

    FREE Limited Edition Final Audio Piano Forte II at Audio46 [Giveaway=Ended]

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Final Audio. Thinking of spending $99 or more on Final Audio products at Audio46, online or in-store? You're eligible to receive a FREE Limited Edition Final Audio Piano Forte II with your order. (Valid until March 15 or while supplies last. Please mention...
  11. Giraku

    SOLD: Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver IEM Mint

    I decided to sell Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver IEM in mint condition with all the original accessories and packaging. SOLD: US$1500 or Best Offer Price includes shipping within CONUS via USPS Priority and PayPal fee. No trading, please.
  12. AudioJunki3

    SOLD - Final E5000

    Lightly used Final E5000 Comes as seen, earphones only. 3rd party tips, but original cable any questions, please ask, I’ll respond ASAP. cheers, Audiojunki3
  13. Audio46

    CanJam NYC 2020 Sale Week at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of every brand listed below. Find the best deals from Audio46 all this week leading up to and including CanJam NYC 2020 (Feb 15-16). Discover the exact discounts by visiting us in-store or our table at CanJam NYC. We can make exceptions for private online...
  14. Final Audio

    Introducing Final latest flagship IEM A8000 featuring Truly Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver

    Final new flagship IEM, A8000 – Redefining the potential of dynamic driver Awards VGP Lifestyle 2020 Gold Award Winner for earphone between USD1800 to USD2800 VGP Lifestyle 2020 Innovation Grand Award A8000 series concept Newly developed final proprietary Perceptual Transparent Measurement...
  15. Audio46

    Back In Stock at Audio46: Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones

    Audio46 is an authorized dealer of Final Audio. According to Final Audio: "Based on the Final Audio IEM chassis design developed for the B series that has become established as an ideal solution, the A8000 realizes a superior sense of fit... "The superior time response of the A8000 imparts...
  16. endless.skai


  17. Zworks

    Mint condition Final Audio D8000

    Seldom used D8000 with stand, 3.5mm and 6.3mm cable for $2250 Including PayPal shipping fee Excellent cosmetic condition and appearance. No obvious scratch. I am selling this because I prefer my speaker setup, it was my favorite headphone Questions are welcome, feel free to PM me
  18. F700

    SOLD Final Sonorous VI with lots of accessories, mint condition!

    I am selling my Final Sonorous VI headphone, which is in an absolute mind condition and comes with lot of accessories. The Sonorous VI sports a 50mm dynamic driver and a BA module for the highs. The sounds is very detailed and clean, with great mediums slightly pushed forward. The bass is...
  19. iBo0m

    [WTB] Sony IER-M9, FA A8000

    If you have any of these for sale, send me a pm :).
  20. greytomorrow

    (FOUND) Final Audio Sonorous VI

    I'd like to find a pair of the legendary Final Audio Sonorous VI in perfect condition. Having of a stock box is preferable, but I'll survive without it :) The package can be shipped either to the US or Russia. Thanks in advance!
  21. MrDelicious

    Final E3000

    With accessories, box not necessary. PM me an offer if you have a pair you're not using. Preferably in the EU, but not strictly so.
  22. final A8000

    final A8000

    final’s flagship model realizes transparent sound for the uplift that can be gained by listening to music. Awards General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: A series Model Name: A8000 Price: USD1999 Official Website: [Link] Intro / Q&A thread in Head-Fi: [Link] Specification...
  23. F700

    SOLD Final F3100 / mint condition, 2nd hand

    Here is a Final F3100 in an absolute mint condition to acquire at less than 50% of its MSRP. I traded a premium IEM cable against the Final F3100 on Head-Fi a few weeks ago (October 2019). I listened to the F3100 for maybe 1 or 2 hours. Incredibly detailed, zero sibilance or harshness...
  24. jwbrent

    SOLD: Final Audio Silver OFC Cable Balanced For D8000/SONOROUS

    I purchased this 5’ cable for my D8000 in anticipation of needing it with a new balanced DAP. I ended up going a different direction, so I won’t need this new cable any longer. The retail for this 2.5mm TRRS Silver cable is $529 and it is a special order item that takes a few weeks to get from...
  25. gtrx333

    FS: Final Audio Heaven VII

    In very good condition. £200 ono