Astell kern ak120 help or advice needed

    Hi everyone first time for me on this forum. I'm looking to buy a Astell Kern AK 120. Can this be connected to a tube amplifier that has no digital out rca but just has cd out Rca's and a couple of AUX. Also can I record my cd collection on this player in high resolution and not compressed like...
  2. samol

    Fiio x5 or AK100?

    I'm stuck between a Fiio x5 or a used AK100 for my SE846. I can get them for about the same price. I did my research and I still can't decide. They both seem to be really good DAPs and I'd probably be happy with either so I wanted to put it to a vote.
  3. jrazmar

    Just Pure SQ & Power: Studio V 3ANV or Hifiman 602 or Fiio X5

    Hi Fellow Head-fiers,   I'm currently in search of my next DAP after my beloved J3 and need the help of the lovely people out here who have experience with either or all of the mentioned players. I have already made some self research on this but with the vast information that one could get...
  4. Preludio

    Fiio X3 vs Fiio X5: A matter of sound...

    Hi!, i own the Fiio X3 DAP, i use it with Shure SE215 IEM's and with the NAD Viso HP50 over-ears. I wonder if the X5 is much better in sound, and what would be those differences? I'm happy with the X3 sound (and don´t have much problems with interface and other features) but i´m really curious...
  5. akpl16

    Deciding on a DAP: Fiio or Sony?

    Hi Everyone,   I'm looking to grab my first high resolution media player; though I don't have the best budget to work with, I'm looking right now at either a Fiio model or a Sony F887.   After reading a lot of reviews, I'm convinced that Fiio is doing an incredible job with their DAPs, and...
  6. AudioGG

    Ibasso Dx90 or Fiio X5 to pair with Earsonic SM64

    Hi guys I'm new to the audio world and I'm looking into getting a DAP and a pair of earsonic sm64 my choices at the moment are the Dx90 or the Fiio X5. I've read a few reviews on the two DAP's , being that the Dx90 has some bug issues the X5 is what I'm leaning to towards at the moment. Does...
  7. jvos213

    Fiio X5 Stacking Kit (HS6) Assembled Case Option?

    After purchasing it along with the E12 a month ago, I love the X5 more and more as days go by. Having had the option to buy it along with all the accessories (stacking kit, HS7 case etc) while in Thailand, my only concern in terms of protection is the fact that there is no option to 'house'...
  8. darkwasim786

    Fiio x5 vs Ibasso dx90

    Hi everyone,   Thought i should start a thread where everone who owns a x5 and the soon to be released dx90 could post their comparisons for people like me who are looking at these two daps for their next purchase...   Dx90 is expected to be releases 15th-20th march   Which do you think...
  9. eke2k6

    [Multi-Review] Hifiman HM901, Fiio X5, Sony ZX1, Hisound Studio 3rd Anv, iPhone 4

    Foreword         I've personally wanted to see something like this for a long time now. As a techie, I've long been intrigued by the idea of these top of the line DAPs. They bring with them the promise of high level engineering that will make the most out of your files and headphones. I've...
  10. Q

    Fiio E17 or E18 or X5

    Hi,   I want an DAC to use it most in home and in a little on the go. My source is iphone but two devices are hard to carry. I want to know your opinion on this three Fiio E17 , Fiio E18 , Fiio X5 (this three are the only ones I can get my hands on).   I want to get E17 but i'm thinking if I...
  11. ashton18

    Fiio X5 High Resolution Digital Audio Player - Like New

    Fiio X5 for sale. 2.07beta software. - Bought at mp4nation a few months ago. In mint condition. Comes with all original accessories 290.99USD - two SanDisk MicroSDHC 64GB Cards for $39.99...
  12. FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player

    FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player

    To be launched internationally in March 2014, the X5 marks FiiO's next step into no-holds-barred high-res portable hi-fi territory at a bargain price: