1. Saxon

    Just bought iphone to go with Fiio E7 but question is how best to connect

    OK I've had a Fiio E7 portable amp/dac for a while Last night I bought an Iphone 4s 32GB from a mate.   What I would really like to do is take a digital signal from the iphone and put it into the Fiio E7 thus using the E7 DAC and amp but seems I can only do this if I jailbreak the phone - is...
  2. jobryan

    Help me out, need some new headphones

    So, Im in the market for some new headphones, but I need some advice. I don't know much about headphones, but I like my music to sound good. I have a set of Koss Pro DJ 100s that I like a lot, but now Im in the market for a better set. I mainly listen to indie folk (Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes...
  3. Arbakadarba

    I need help finding good IEM's - under $ 150

    First of all I must excuse my english. It's not my first language, and i have very little practice writing it. I am pretty new to good, portable sound and I am therefor in need of some advice and guiding when I am now planning on buying some new IME's. I listen mostly to rock and hip hop, and...
  4. FlatListener

    Please help: quiet headphones for travel by bike and train

    Hello to all,   This is my first post on this forum and as my name says, I'm listening to flat portable music gear: an iPod classic 120 with standard white earphones from the box. I want to do something about it, but first I need some expert advice. Let me explain:   I'm an audiophile...
  5. EventVista

    Implication of new iPod 9 pin Adapter on portable DAC?

    I have been enjoying my FIIO E7 iPod combination for quite some time now, but my older iPod classic has been on the fritz and the battery is on its last leg.     As a result of my iPods slow demise, I have been anxiously awaiting the newly announced iPod nano.    However, as part of the...
  6. ScaryFatKidGT

    Well my Fiio L3 crapped out, are more expensive line out's worth it?

    Well I want one with the wire connected not like the ibasso and send station (idk why I might give in and get one).   I have been looking at ALO's but what is the difference, they have a LOD, a cryo LOD, a SXC, a SXC cryo???   Apparently its $60 to go from 22gau to 18gau? And what...
  7. TheChillburger

    Made my first foray into headphone amps finally (C421)

    It's been a long time coming, but I finally purchased my first headphone amp this week, the luck device in question being a JDS C421 with the OPA2227. I didn't really think that I would need a headphone amp considering my current collection is fairly low impedence-wise (highest being 44 ohms)...
  8. lazyjatt

    Need help choosing amp for turbine pro copper. pls help!!

    Hi guys, im a new member to this forum, although i did use this website alot when choosing my headphones.    i just needed help finding a good amp for my monster turbine pro coppers. i just recently started looking into amps, and i was leaning towards either the Fiio E6 or E11. or if anyone...
  9. weemaddox

    iPod and FIIO LOD Cable Issue

    Dear HeadFi'ers,   I just locally bought a FIIO Alpen E17 which I planned on using with my 3rd generation iPod Touch, along with my Etymotics ER-4S. I'm currently using a FIIO L3 LOD cable; however, I have connection issues with my iPod.    The Fiio Alpen E17 with the LOD 3 works without...
  10. subseasniper

    FiiO E7 DAC function on an iPod?

    Hi there,   I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's and am planning on an amp to improve the sound from both my macbook pro and my ipod classic.   Now, couple of questions here.   1) Would a Fiio E7 make a big sound difference with the macbook and is the E7 mac compatible?   2) If I...
  11. branqazwsx

    Is an expensive LOD necessary?

    I currently have an iPod Classic going into a PA2V2 amp with a $7 Fiio L3 LOD. Coming out of the amp I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT 1350's. I was wondering if I am missing that much with my cheep little LOD. Do the more expensive LOD's from places like ALO Audio offer that much more to my music...
  12. TunneLVisioN42

    Neutral Amp/DAC??

    Whats the best Amp/DAC combo at $150 or so? I was gonna go for a Nu Force Icon uDac2 but I am told it adds some treble and I am not sure that would be a good pairing with my DT 990's So I am looking for something in that price range that wont color the music brighter than it already is.
  13. ajudhian

    Sound significantly improves with portable amps?

    Hi all...   I recently got a Shure SRH 440 to accompany my iPod Touch 4th Gen... I just wondering, if I buy a quite decent portable amps (under USD 100), does the sound improve significantly? In what range (high, mid, low) that it improves? Because if it improves significantly, I...
  14. irzekk

    Fiio S6?

    I don't know much about amps and I haven't seen any threads on this amp yet. What do you think of this amp? I'm not looking for anything fancy, I just want to use it for my Shure SRH750DJ's and wanted to know if it is enough to bring out its true quality. I really wish I could get a response.
  15. acousmetre

    Amp or DAC/Amp for iPod/Macbook Pro w/ Senn HD-25-ii?

    I've been digging through the forums and haven't seen this answered yet, so my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.   I just purchased my first piece of higher-end audio equipment (Sennheiser HD-25-ii cans) and now I'm curious about amps and DACs. I listen to indie rock primarily...
  16. FilipinoAko

    iMod V2 copper 18 and FIIO LOD

    If you have to iMod the 5th Gen iPod, can you use the FIIO LOD instead of the iMod V2 copper 18?
  17. Joshii

    Not enough volume??

    Hey guys,    I have got the Audio Technica Pro700MK2 anniversaries, with a ZO 2 and a fiio L3, ever since i started to go low gain paired with my L3, the volume can't really go that loud. i pretty much have to listen to all my music on the pre high gain mode (purple). The thing is, high gain...
  18. XxAlterWavexX

    ATH-M50 paired with Digizoid ZO2?

    Hi everyone, I just made this thread cause I am extremely curious to know if these make a good pair. I know, I know, the m50 don't need an amp, but them being driven out of my iPhone 4, I miss that bass thump I get when I plug them into a good source like my Asus g73jw. Plus, I found the...
  19. kagomebear

    Problems connecting fiio e10 with iphone4 with fiio L3 this possible?

    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I've connected the above mentioned components and I've gotten no response from the e10.  Not sure if i'm doing something wrong or if this just isn't going to work.  Any help is appreciated.
  20. bluzeboy

    fiio line out?

    i'm trying to use  FiiO L7 Line Out Dock (LOD) as a DAC with ipod classic my ALO amp,.is this  possible?
  21. keanex

    Ad900, a Mid-Fi champion?

          Pros: Light, clean sound, comfortable, great value. Cons: Not for a basshead. This review is written from the perspective of the Ad900 stock, no external amp or DAC to give readers an idea of what to expect if they buy these without an amp/DAC. Packaging: I was rather...
  22. weechuen

    Need Advice for Portable AMP Setup. Come In Please

    Hi,    I'm currently planning to buy a CowonJ3 > FiiO E11 > UM Miracle   however, I just realised that the FiiO doesn't seem to have any LOD for Cowon?   and I read somewhere that if I were to use the jack-to-jack wire to connect my MP3 to AMP,  it wouldn't work as well, in fact it...
  23. xjmoneyx

    PA2V2 + Audio-Technica ATH-M50 + iPod touch 4th gen a good setup?

    Hi all,    Thanks for having a look at my post. Newly arrived.    PA2V2 + Audio-Technica ATH-M50 + iPod touch (4th Gen) would this be a good setup or just plain silly?   Should I also use an LOD, recommend any? I see Qables at the top of the list in the head gear section, would that...
  24. xinque

    How much of a difference can I hear between portable and desktop rigs?

    Hey all,   New user here so pardon my ignorance, still learning.  Got into the audiophile world couple months back when I realized how much sound wasn't being reproduced on my $30 Sony earbuds, haven't looked back since.  While I do like my current portable setup, I'm curious to how much...
  25. Player1josh46

    Were the ATH-M50s a good choice?

    Hey I'm new to this site so sorry for asking noobish questions in advance:     I bought the Audio Technica ATH-M50s to make listening to music a more enjoyable experience. I heard rave reviews and i thought they would blow me away since I've only ever had regular earphones that come with...