1. DancetoExpress

    In need of a bit of a volume boost?

    I've been using my ATH-m50s with my iPod classic for a while now, and it's done the job for me for a bit. But what's bothered me for a bit is that for some songs, I have to simply turn my iPod's volume up a bit higher than usual. Should I invest in an amp of some sort? I've been looking at the...
  2. mechgamer123

    Quick review of Objective 2

    Hello fellow Head-Fier's, this is my first review, so please be nice :) Sources used in review: Ipod Classic 6G 80GB Fiio L9 LOD Headphones: Brainwavz B2 Yamaha EPH-100 Sennheiser HD600   I opened my iPod a few weeks ago to replace the scratched up casing and the battery. I...
  3. Rees8448

    Ipod Line out cable reccomendation

    Hey guys I just dropped a large sum of money, for me anyway, on some new beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80s and a nice rechargeable cmoy amp that can run on wall power. All i need now is a cable to connect it to my ipod. I have read that the ipod sound quality is quite bad and that if you go with a...
  4. Fiio L10 50cm Line Out Dock LOD Cable for Ipod Iphone Ipad 3.5mm Jack

    Fiio L10 50cm Line Out Dock LOD Cable for Ipod Iphone Ipad 3.5mm Jack

    ***Please kindly notice before purchase***:Order will be shipped via prior registered airmail(7-11 days delivery time when parcel shipped out,NOT 17-28 days indicated by amazon system),Tracking number is available. We save shipping postage for buyer from this.Thanks for your understanding! L10...