fiio kb3
  1. FiiO

    FIIO HiFi Audio Mechanical Keyboard KB3 is available!

    Time to upgrade your music experience! Desktop-grade all-in-one DAC and amp, for immersive HiFi music; a customizable keyboard with swappable keys, the perfect slate for experimentation; aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, a “true HiFi” desk keyboard. An unlimited HiFi experience · The KB3...
  2. FiiO

    November 17, 2023 1 day left before KB3 comes out!

    A mechanical keyboard that can be used to listen to music! When HiFi music meets a mechanical keyboard, what can be made for? 「Profession construction」 The KB3 applies a Gasket mount design- multiple layers help to greatly absorb shocks and reduce noise. 「HiFi DAC」 The KB3 is built in with...