fiio fh5
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  11. M

    Fiio FH5 or Massdrop Plus? (maybe Final B3 or FH7?)

    Hey all, I've been thinking about stepping up my IEM game and I'm having a tough time deciding which IEM to get. A little history, I have a Tin T2 and Final E2000. I had a Tin T4, but sold it because I found it too fatiguing and the treble made it feel a bit messy to me. I like the tonality of...
  12. Adamora

    FiiO FH5 (Barely Used)

    Purchased it from the Headfoneshop in Toronto on September 25, 2019. I thought I'd be commuting more for work, ended up barely using it. So instead of it sitting there doing cluck all, It's time to let it go. Purchased for 350 CAD (Invoice will be included for warranty purposes), Asking for 240...
  13. OneBoot

    Looking for Beginner Commute IEM with Bass and Detail (CA Io, FiiO FA7, etc.?)

    Hello! I am new to the forum. My audio background includes breaking a bunch of headphones as a kid (mostly cables, sometimes from listening too loud), taking a couple EE courses in college, buying some Bose sport earphones, finding some Beats Powerbeats 3, and having those die on me after 3...
  14. gto88

    (cancelled)FiiO FH5 iem for sale

    decided to keep it.
  15. M

    Kanas Pro Moondrop or Fiio FH5?

    Hey everyone. I don't post very often, but I have been lurking pretty consistently for a few years. I finally got a little extra money and I decided to treat myself to a new pair of IEMs. I have a number of full size headphones, but I have only recently taken an interest in IEMs. Currently the...
  16. anikalsi

    WTB: FiiO FH5

    Hi there, Looking for a FiiO FH5 in pretty good condition for around £130-150. Please do let me know if you're based in the EU and have one you're willing to let go of! Thank you for looking! EDIT - Found, thanks all!
  17. LucasFur

    Bluetooth too loud Help.

    Head-fiers, If you could help me out a little. I've been searching around for this to not break the "new thread rule" but there is nothing... So... I recently bought a MEE Audio MMCX bluetooth headset Connecting directly into Iphone. Im using FIIO FH5's as my IEM's. .. also tried with...
  18. Mirimar

    For Sale: FiiO FH5 (sold)

    FH5 IEMs with 2.5mm balanced cable. Comes with all original accessories. Note there are a couple of small signs of wear on the IEMs from general use and I had the screens removed and have now reinstalled them. If shipping within Australia, I will pay shipping and PayPal fees. International buyer...
  19. M

    Introduction and looking for new IEMs

    Music a passion of mine though I don't play any instruments. I did, however, run live sound for my church and in college for events across as spanse of roughly 12 years, and right now I'm working my way in to get back behind at the board at my current church. My last pair of headphones I loved...
  20. guitardave


    I bought these new on amazon 4 weeks ago, in fact my 30 day return option expired on November 30! But after getting these I have come to realize they just don’t fit my ears properly which of course spoils the sound. I did remove the screens in the tips as recommended on many forums and reviews...
  21. Elzizo

    SOLD: Like-New Fiio FH5 w/ Original Everything

    For sale are a pair of very lightly used, like-new pair of Fiio FH5. These IEMs have maybe 20 hours on them. Selling only due to comfort since I have odd shaped ear canals. It's unfortunate since these IEMs sound simply fantastic out of my Radsone ES100. Product is complete with all accessories...
  22. Dsnuts


    I have used these for very low hours. To be honest I love these things. They are extremely comfy and sound fantastic. One of the best values for earphones for the cost. Recently bought an Andromeda S and have no need for these. Due to these being like new condition I am asking $230 which...
  23. knightboy140

    WTB: Fiio FH5

    Hi guys like the title looking for a Fiio FH5. Located at 60025. Paypal ready. Cheers! Tom