1. basketball

    Fiio E11

    Like new. Comes with everything. All cables box and unit. $35 plus shipping. PayPal only. Don't waster my time if you don't plan in buying. Serious buyers only.
  2. NotLordAtkin

    Will FiiO E11 perform with these?

    So here's the deal. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S2 with my new Beyerdynamic COP headphones. My knowledge of the technology behind headphones is quite limited but from what I've heard, the 16-Ohm drivers on my headphones should be able to work alright with phones and MP3 players without...
  3. PlastilinaVe

    Help! I'm between the JDS Labs cMoy v2.03 and the Fiio E11

    Hey, I hope you're all doing great! I getting a Shure SE 215 IEMs for outdoors and a Sennheiser HD 535 for indoors. So with that in mind, I want to buy an amp, preferably portable so I can use with both cans. I'm thinking about the Fiio 11 and the JDS Labs cMoy v2.03. I want a fun sound, wide...
  4. GuyWithAniPod

    Which one, FiiO E11 or E17?

    I'm using it portably, and both seem to be the same size.   I'm not really concerned about price.   Just don't bother asking me about what headphones I'm using 'cause all it will do is start a flame war   Which works better as a portable amp?   Is the E17 worth the wait and...
  5. GravityEyelids

    WTB FiiO E6 or well as various ear pads, upgrades accessories

    Want to buy either e6 or E11 (or both if cheap enough). I'd like a good price, doesn't need to be brand sparkling new as long as it works fine. Give me your price including shipping   I'm also looking for a few random things for cheap:   Earpads for Sony MDR-v6 (i think the Beyer velour...
  6. ridfighter

    Which amp to choose? Fiio e7 or e9 or e11 or e17? please help a newbie

    Hi, I have looked at previous postings about this questions and posted this question on the"Portable Headphone Amp section" but not many responses there, so i  havent come across the right answer, I planning to buy the Denon D2000 headphone and what portable amp will power this? from the...
  7. oneoseven

    (WTB) Fiio E11 , Fiio E6

    If you've got one you're trying to sell let me know with what you are looking to get for it =)
  8. eke2k6

    Fiio E11 (Mint)

    Hi. The item is in mint condition, and includes everything in the picture.    PM me if you have any questions.
  9. FatmanSize48

    FS: Fiio E11

    I am now selling my Fiio E11, purchased late last year for $61. The time has come to sell. Though there are a few scratches, the amp is in perfect working condition. Included with the amp will be a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and charging cable. Pictures should be up within a few days. I am selling...
  10. Bananaheadlin

    WTB: Objective DAC - ODAC Any Variants (+ E11)

    Looking to buy an ODAC from any of the contracted manufactures (JDS, Epiphany, Audio Poutine) for my new setup. Prefer to be within the US.    Also looking for the following: Beyerdynamic DT770 80 / 250 Ohm Premium / Pro + Replacement EDT 770 V Pads FiiO E11
  11. delladood

    Fiio e11[ISSUES!!!][PLEASE HELP!]

    I just unplugged my headphones from my fiio e11, assuming it died, I went ahead and plugged it into my usb... Well... It's not charging. No light is coming on indicating it is charging.  This is the second day I've used. Did it just die?? Or is it completely dead.  I'm going to leave it on the...
  12. awtryau89

    Fiio E11 w/Extra Battery and L1 LOD

  13. Digital-Pride

    Fiio E11

    I am the first owner of this like-new portable amp.  The amp has about 30 hours or so of usage.  All original accessories and tin case are included.  The price includes the cost of shipping and any paypal fees.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.  Thanks for looking!
  14. nbohaychuk

    Looking for IEMs $100-$200 for use with Fiio E11

    I ordered a Fiio E11 amp to use with a LOD cable from my iPod Touch 4th gen since I'm finally trying to get a good portable rig going. I currently use Panasonic Ergofit (not sure exactly which model) in-ear headphones unamped and the sound quality is great for the price, but I'm looking for...
  15. eltocliousus

    Are there any E11 fakes?

    I've been thinking about getting the FiiO E11 or FiiO E7 after wanting a portable setup, and I love my FiiO E10 which I've been using for a year now. I believe I want the E11 as it looks to be a better amplifier, and the E7's DAC is useless as it doesn't work with a portable player.   The...