fiio e10
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    Fiio K5 vs Objective 2 for DT 990 250 Ohm

    Hey guys, Long time lurker. Purchased a Fiio E10 with the help of this site in 2012 to pair with my Ath-M50's, but I couldn't tell any difference with the E10's Wolfson chipset vs my phone. My young ears at the time were sensitive enough that a phone also provided enough volume, but a few years...
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    VModa Boompro with FiiO E10K

    So I just recently bought the Fidelio X2 paired with the Vmoda Boompro and realized that my onboard sound card is pretty bad due to volume levels and some hissing while adjusting volume etc. I ordered the FiiO E10K and realized afterwards there will be a ground loop problem. I'm pretty satisfied...