1. XP_98

    Etymotic MC2 filters : ER38-50MC, différent from ER-4 ER38-50 filters ?

    Hi all does anybody know if the filters for the Etymotic MC-2 (ER38-50MC on Etymotic's website) are different from ER-4 filters (ER38-50) ? They look the same, but can they be switched ? Or must I buy two different filters ?
  2. waltjocketty

    Opinion on Etymotic MC2?

    I searched and didn't see any reviews. The old model of the MC2 is for sale for $20 on Amazon and Ebay. I have the HF3 and I love it. Is the MC2 horrible? I think I might get one just for the isolation, so I can ignore my better half while I'm working or trying to fall asleep...
  3. Joe Bloggs

    Budget IEMs review--Panasonic RP-HJE355 posted 18 February 2013

    Intro I am a firm believer in EQ.  Thanks to PiccoloNamek's EQ guide, and with some inventions of my own, these days I can spend less than an hour with just about any new pair of IEMs and tweak them to sound better than anything I've heard without EQ, at any price. (and I've heard up to $400...
  4. gkhaikin

    Earbud Help?

      10 I got some Skull Candy 50/50s for Xmas last year and they are total junk. I just exchanged for my 4th pair. Under warranty, but hassle and costs me $8 each exchange.    But shopping for headphones is hard for the uninitiated.    So, can anyone recommend a solid pair of earbuds...
  5. mvalpreda

    Triple flange memory foam?

    While reading the September 2011 edition of Popular Science they had a quick blurb on the Etymotic MC2s. The description said this: "The MC2 earbuds seal off your ears with three tiers of dense memory foam. They block out more than 42 decibels..."   Memory foam triple flanges? I can't seem...
  6. caliaa

    ISO cheaper alternative to the HF2 (crisp sound rather than added bass)

    My HF2 broke and they're not covered in the warranty so I'm looking for a new headset with mic for my phone. I love the Etymotic crisp, clean sound but I'm looking for something cheaper ($50 or less) with natual sound.   I'm considering the MC2/3 but maybe there are other (cheaper)...
  7. Lotharius

    New IEMs to replace my destroyed FA Eterna rev 1

    Hello   So I am in need of new pair of IEMs. I used to own FA Eterna rev1 but somehow they became, I would dare to even say, disintegrated. I don't know how it happened nor when but after looking for them for over a week I found them on my couch under a pillow and they looked like something...
  8. Gwarmi

    Yahoo UK - '5 of the best headphones' on the market..

      This should make for interesting discussion..   Yahoo source   <transcript below>     We’re showing their RRPs but a quick search of the internet can find much cheaper deals. Best premium - Sennheiser MM550 Travel - £349.99 There's very little these cans can't do and...
  9. saintmagician

    Need some help picking in ear headset (thinking of etymotic mc2 atm)

      Hey, wondering if people here can help choose an in-ear headset (i.e. in-ear headphones that have a mic).    I've previously used basically stock headset that came with my phone, or something in the range of $15 from ebay. Hoping to invest in something a little better now. I spend about...
  10. saintmagician

    Recommendation for headsets?

    I need recommendations for a decent pair of headsets. I'll just describe the problem I'm currently having:   I've used two cheap headsets, HTC stock headset and a $20 maximo one from ebay. I dunno if I've just been unlucky, or if this is a problem with cheap headsets in general. I use them...
  11. Etymotic Research mc2-BLK Noise-Isolating In-ear Headset and Earphones - Black

    Etymotic Research mc2-BLK Noise-Isolating In-ear Headset and Earphones - Black

    The world's most accurate noise-isolating headset and earphones under $100! The mc2 delivers on this promise and provides you with the best-in-class performance benefit for your money. With the mc2, you get 85%+ response accuracy, meaning you will hear what you were meant to hear. The mc2...