1. thinskin

    Looking for the next Nuforce NE-7M for my iPhone. Ideas?

    (long time lurker, first time poster!)   I've had a few pairs of Nuforce NE-7M earphones and I really love them; such a fun sound signature very comfortable fit, easy in/out the mic/remote is appreciated as I'm an iPhone addict.   Problem is I keep breaking them. I'd buy another...
  2. sandwichman1973

    Bored of Ety HF2, go to Klipsh S4i?

    I´m tired of the clinical sound oh my HF2 and now I,m looking for something more fun sounding for my Iphone. What do you think of the Klipsh S4i? Are the cable noise disturbing? Do they really need 100 hrs of burn in?
  3. Retrogrouch

    New review of Ety HF2 & HF5 in Stereophile

    Nice brief discussion of the the ER-4, too...very timely considering the recent threads on the ER-4.    
  4. punia

    Etymotic Hf2 upgrade - help me to decide

    Hi All! I own Etymotic Hf2 and really happy about their sound. It's really detailed and analytical – thats exactly what I like. The only thing I can complain is the lack of bass. I use eq (slightly) in iTunes on my Macbook Pro to improve it. I've just started to read head-fi forums and...
  5. slaters70

    Deal Alert

    I am on some sort of Ety rebirth bender (had the MC5s, now have the ER4P/S), and like the 4P/S so much decided to look into the HF2s (iPhone version of HF5). has the black pair for $111 shipped. I ordered a pair, because I may decide on using them with my Touch, not sure. Anyway, the...
  6. sandwichman1973

    Etymotic HF2 / HF5 Appreciation Thread

    About three weeks ago i decided to buy my self a new pair of headphones for my Ipod 3G. After spending lots and lots of hours here on Head-Fi and other forums i finally decided to get the Etymotic HF2 head set. And...from that moment my music listening changed. Everything you play sounds...
  7. The_Blood_Raven

    Best neutral IEM for under $150

    Hello, I'm looking for the best neutral IEM I can find for a friend of mine.  I believe he does have a decent ear for audio as he has worked as a sound tech. for the past few years and has undoubtedly heard some decent equipment.  The problem is that he doesn't own any equipment that I would...
  8. pnosker

    JH Audio's JH-5M Impressions

    Hey guys!  I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out some of JH Audio's NEW JH-5M line custom IEMs.  They are similar to the JH-5 Pro, but smaller and designed to fit under a motorcycle helmet.  I believe the audio characteristics are very similar, but there are a few differences...
  9. sell224

    Help me choose in ear workout headphones: budget $60-200

    So I've been doing research on in ear headphones for weeks and still haven't made up my mind.  I'm looking for headphones that:   1.  Fit very well and snug.  I will be running and working out with these headphones mostly.  Probably use them for biking to class as well.  Probably want the...
  10. sling5s

    iphone 4 sound quality

    Has anyone gotten there's yet and compared the sound quality (especially with older models)  
  11. punkaroo

    DNA Sonett Review

    I've been at this hobby for about a year now; I've found my favourite cans out of many: Grado HF-2s. But I decided I had to find the perfect amp for them. I've listened to many amps, most of which are recommended for Grados: Eddie Current EC/SS, Millet Hybrid, Gilmore Lite. I tried a four year...
  12. Staceyy

    Klipsch S4Is or Etymotic HF2? - Need help! (other suggestions appreciated too, new to the boards)

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the board. Not an audiophile but I'm a music lover and want to be able to enjoy my music to the fullest. I need a new pair of high quality headphones. I keep buying more in-expensive ones, having them break and buying new ones, I thought it would be a good idea to...
  13. Jav1

    Q-jays broke - In search of some new IEM's w/mic under $150

    Two years in and my q-jays have given up on me, a bit gutted at the moment to say the least. As a result I'm in the market for a new pair of IEM's preferably with a mic a pretty low level of microphonic's, as will be used in the gym and on morning jogs. If it wasn't for the fact that I want a...
  14. Uzee

    Help Purchasing New Sub 200$ IEM W/ Mic

    Hey guys, first post on head-fi, I am hoping some people can give some recommendations about buying some a new pair of IEM headphones.     What I am looking for: Under 200$ Has a mic for skype use and computer use Above all great sound quality Preferably headphones that didn't...
  15. Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible) - Ruby

    Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible) - Ruby

    The hf2 is a high-fidelity, hands-free noise-isolating headset and earphones combination. But it's really much, much more than that. The hf2 provides a near-perfect music experience. Made by Etymotic Research, the people who created in-ear earphones, the hf2 delivers Etymotic's world-renowned...