1. sandwichman1973

    Klipsch X10i vs Etymotic HF2? Comments please.

    I started my in ear journey with the etys. But after a while I wanted some more base and went for the S4i. But I couldn´t stand the muffled sound and went back to my etys. But now I find my self unsatisfied with the ety sound. I want a richer sound sound with good base, and after reading a lot...
  2. klausness

    Another iPhone IEM question

    Hello all. I just got an iPhone 4, and now I need to get an IEM with mic (and, ideally, remote control) to go with it (I'd prefer not to mess with adapter cables, so the mic should be built in).  I've read all the related threads I could find, but it seems that the more I read, the more options...
  3. kassarin

    Looking for a IEM with these preferences....

    1) Airy sounding/ Awesome clarity 2) Light bass (I don't like bass ) 3) <$100 (A little bit above 100 is fine though)   I surfed around the forums and thought it was time to move on from my M2 BrainWavz. Thanks in advance ;)
  4. downdurnst

    Replacing Etymotic HF2's, Need Advice

    I'm looking to replace my worn out Etymotic HF2's, and was looking for some advice.  I won them in a contest a couple of years ago, and have been spoiled by how great they are (they were my first higher end pair of earphones).  But now they are worn out after some hard use (kids getting to them...
  5. bhome83

    what earphones would you buy for $100-150?

    So my apple ipod earphones are dying on me.  I'm really new to buying earphones but want the best I can get for $100-150.  I listen to all types of music and would prefer earphones with an mic so i can take calls (for that day when verizon comes to the iphone...hopefully).    I'm not very tech...
  6. mammoth1981

    please recommend me some in ears for less than £80

    Hi   I've read a few threads recommending different earphones, and because of that I have a few in mind. But I'd rather not say what they are because I don't want to influence potential recommendations in replies to this thread. I hope that makes sense...   Basically my girlfriend needs...
  7. Peppermint Duck

    Etymotic HF2 Vs. HF5

    I'm sure this question may have been raised before, but the reason I ask is because you can get the HF2's on Amazon for around £65 (and the HF5's for about £70) and on release the RRP of the HF2's was much higher.   I don't currently own an iPhone, but will the sound controller/microphone on...
  8. aLii

    Getting Etymotic hf2s repaired?

    Hi, I've had a pair of hf2s for the past year or so, but I've recently noticed that the rubber on the cord is splitting. Firstly, will Etymotic accept this as a warranty repair? Secondly, what is their turnaround time?   Also, and perhaps most importantly, what should I buy to use while...
  9. kez

    I need a replacement for my MEElec M11Ps and it looks like the M11P+ is NOT it!

    I loved my Meelectronics M11Ps until I lost them in a hotel in Istanbul!    Here's what I rated about them:   Almost NO cable microphonics!  A 'fun' sound signature that still contained plenty of detail.  A big, solid bass that made its presence felt without getting too over bloated...
  10. Silverion77

    Something other than the AD700 for gaming/music use?

    Hey guys,   Bit of a newbie asking for a suggestion and recommendation. I've been stalking the forums for a couple years now, not really seeing the need to post. The threads I read basically gave most of the information I needed.  I told my other friends that are gamers to get the AD700s and...
  11. versp

    Advice needed.

    Been trying to read around before buying, but the more I read, the more confused I get with the options available to me. I'd be totally honest if I said I was more clueless by the day.   At the moment I've got a pair of Etymotic HF2's, but find the bass to be rather lacking in them. Looking...
  12. redje

    need advice on new in-ears

    hi,   i'm looking for some new in-ears. I can't remember my last ones, but i currently have a full-size headphone akg-k240 studio, from which i particularly like the sound. I mostly listen to electronic music like psybient, minimal, jazz and triphop. After searching the forum i'm confused...
  13. koopak

    Request: Help me choose my next IEM's, where to from Ety HF2s?

    Hey guys,   First up, let me quickly state my audio experiences:   Grado SR80: Warm, friendly, good level of bass and treble detail, seem quite smooth, too loud for public use, possibly lacking in fine detail, very uncomfortable for long-term wear.   Etymotic HF2: Accurate (almost...
  14. Yggdrassilious

    *DEAL ALERT* Etymotic Research HF2 hf2 RUBY from J&R

    For the weekend only, J&R is selling the Etymotic Research HF2 hf2s in Ruby red color.    Price: $109.99!!!     (I have no clue about if shipping is free or some nomical fee like $6.99 because I am still deciding if I wanted these, I heard they are quite fragile and easy to break. But...
  15. anirudh0802

    The Problem with IEM's....Earwax....

    Hey guys,   I plan on getting the 100th anniversary Denon's coming Nov. 1st but until then, I need some IEM's to workout with, listen on the bus, library, etc. I do "generate" a lot of earwax and have previously had ETY hf2's and had to constantly clean them due to the buildup. At one point...
  16. KneelJung

    Why are the HF2' Considered Laid Back?

    I'm seriously considering biting the bullet and getting a pair of these but there seems to be a school of thought out there that describes them as laid back.   But if the bass is better and tighter than the 225's wouldnt that translate into more dynamics from the percussion and make the...
  17. sandwichman1973

    How will they fit my ears? Etymotic MC5 vs. HF2.

    I have used the HF2:s for a long period of time and i realy like how they fit my ears. Now i wonder if the MC5:s are similar. The shape of the MC5:s looks quite diferent. Do they go as deep as the HF2:s?
  18. staren

    Help buying in-ear headset

    Hello!   I accidentally posted this in the wrong section but no moderator moved it so I will just repost it here.   I would like some help choosing a good in-ear headset I can use with my iPhone 4. I mostly listen to acoustic music, some Damien Rice, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Jose Gonzales...
  19. staren

    In ear headset

    Hello!    New to the forum, and asking for help immediately :P   I would like some help choosing a good in-ear headset I can use with my iPhone 4. I mostly listen to acoustic music, some Damien Rice, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Jose Gonzales, Cat Stevens, Ryan Bingham, Johnny Cash and so on...
  20. EYEdROP

    Etymotic HF2 review

    Hello all. Today I will be reviewing the Etymotic HF2 in-ear monitors and give in-depth details and descriptions about the sound. This is the only "real" IEM or truley portable headphone ive ever listened to, other than the Bose in-ears and Yuin PK3 earbuds. I bought these IEM's along with my...
  21. jonnoford

    Best IEM's for bass please

    I'm looking for a pair of IEM's for my iphone. I'm mainly listening to music dominated by bass (dance, electronica, dubstep etc) and need some advice on which set to buy. I've been looking at westone UM2's, Etymotic hf2/5's, Jay q-Jays to name a couple. Can anybody recommend which are best...
  22. legodt

    The Best IEMs 200 Dollars Can Buy

    Dear Head-Fiers, what do you think are the best IEMs that can be had at a maximum price of $200 USD? I listen primarily to (in order of priority) electronic music, indie rock, and light orchestral music.
  23. burningyen

    Etymotic HF5/HF2 (maybe others too): wind whistle noise?

    I'm a long-time Shure E2c user who just got a new pair of HF5's a couple of days ago.  I loved the sound of the E2c's enough not only to replace the plug when it started shorting out, but to keep repairing the replacement plug when that too started to go.  But after a couple of years of this I...
  24. shiftywxm

    Etymotic hf2 and er4's.

    Hello all,   Is anyone able to tell me if the hf2's and er4's are the same size barrel wise?   I have custom moulds for the hf2 and am considering upgrading to the er4's, but don't really want to pay out for new moulds if I can help it.   Thanks,   Colin
  25. Etymoantick

    Etymotic HF2 + Iphone 4?

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if the HF2 works with the new iphone, because i've seen some very mixed responses online but I don't understand if they're complaining about the buttons not working or no sound coming through the earpiece. I don't really care if the buttons are a bit unreliable...