1. elsa9711

    Earphone with Noise-Cancelling below $85?

    My choice is only limited to Sennheiser, Beats, Phillips and Skullcandy (My country only sold them). I know beats are not a very good choice, they are overpriced with that kind of quality. And Skullcandy? It doesn't match for my mom. Yes, I want to buy one for my mom, she's 40 and likes, mostly...
  2. caliaa

    ISO cheaper alternative to the HF2 (crisp sound rather than added bass)

    My HF2 broke and they're not covered in the warranty so I'm looking for a new headset with mic for my phone. I love the Etymotic crisp, clean sound but I'm looking for something cheaper ($50 or less) with natual sound.   I'm considering the MC2/3 but maybe there are other (cheaper)...
  3. red71rum

    Can the Ety Hf3 be used with just a mp3 player?

    I have a chance to get the etymoptic hf3 for just $35 new and was wondering if I could use it with my Clip +? I realize the volume controls would not work, because that is for a phone.
  4. vytman

    Analytical iems around 200eur shipped

    Hey guys, I think it's time for moving from my Xcape v.2 to a more suitable iem for my needs. A friend has Apples' ADDIEMS and they sound better to me than my Xcape so I assume that analytical is the way to go. What I am expecting from the new iems: -A different signature sound that fulfill...
  5. truereflections

    ultimate ears triple fi 10 in NYC

    I'm in astoria and looking to buy triple fi 10s again. they seem to provide the best noise cancelling out of the many other headphones i've tried . any ideas where to pick these up in nyc?   any suggestions for better noise cancelling headphones?   thanks! looking to be in the ~300...
  6. casperia

    More Money, More Problems

    I recently bought a fake set of ADDIEM's.  I also recently bought a fake 32GB microSD, and got that money back too.  Plus, my birthday is in late November, so I have that money too.  All in all, my budget has extended just a little bit, from $15 to $110.  Right now, I am looking at Westone 1 for...
  7. Midnightcoffee

    Help me become a audiophile - Portable Amps

    Greetings, I don't want to give the impression i haven't searched for answers, i have and i'm, but everyones circumstances are unique and i'm trying to gather some specific advice. I'm attempting to become a audiophile, by which i'm playfully saying someone who loves music and actual...
  8. Midnightcoffee

    Choosing Headphone/IEM for Exercise and phone conversations.

    Greetings, I would be grateful  for any help all you experts out there could give for choosing headphone/IEM or pointing out any flaws I'll try to be as to the point as possible. The two main use the headphone/IEM of this will be exercise and phone conversations By Exercise I mean...
  9. saintmagician

    Need some help picking in ear headset (thinking of etymotic mc2 atm)

      Hey, wondering if people here can help choose an in-ear headset (i.e. in-ear headphones that have a mic).    I've previously used basically stock headset that came with my phone, or something in the range of $15 from ebay. Hoping to invest in something a little better now. I spend about...
  10. Midnightcoffee

    Help me become a audiophile - Portable headphones, earphones and in ear monitors

    Greetings, I don't want to give the impression i haven't searched for answers, i have and i'm, but everyones circumstances are unique and i'm trying to gather some specific advice to my situation. I'm attempting to become a audiophile, by which i'm playfully saying someone who loves music...
  11. atwilson

    Help with an Etymotic HF3 issue

    Newbie here, and I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but I've got a new pair of HF3s (about 40 hours of burn-in on them at this point) and I've noticed some buzzing/light distortion when they encounter bass (and higher sounds) in certain songs.   The volume on my iPad...
  12. yahya94

    IEM's with bass AND clear/crisp sound?

    Hi so i've had etymotic HF2 for over an year. Im really happy with their clarity and the crisp sound that they produce, but can't  get enough bass, i found the perfect which makes the signature slightly warmer, makes me feel like there is bass, while the clarity remains, but can't get the thump...
  13. zlobby

    Which IEMs for a subway commute?

    I just got a job where I am spending over an hour on the subway each way on the commute.  Most of my listening is done at home and I have a great home setup, but know nothing of IEMs.  I want something that will cut out a lot of the train noise, as it can get quite loud.  I dont want be one of...
  14. Sonic Defender

    Might this be an example of impedence mismatching?

    Sorry if this post seems odd, but I'm trying to learn so I thought this situation might be a great opportunity so here goes. The mismatch in impedence comes from my HF2s with the Valhalla. I need to frame the background a little, so please bare with me a moment. The song where I noticed what I...
  15. TikPandora

    The Refurbished Journey

    After getting sick of my Sony extra bass earbuds, I decided to search the internet for a new pair of headphones.   My search lasted about two hours.  It went from a pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs, to some Creative earbuds, and then to a pair of Klipsch S4s.  Right when I was about to...
  16. yahya94

    Etymotic HF2 vs Monster Turbine?

    Hello headfiers! I currently own Etymotic Hf2  , i love their  clarity, mid-end and high end. However they are lacking in bass i used to use them with tri-flanges and the bass was really weak, but when i tried Gliders (ear tips) the bass is pretty strong now except for some songs where i know...
  17. radvas

    Best isolation?

    Hi all, first post here. I've lurked around here for a couple of weeks reading up on all sorts of interesting things. To some extent, this is a "what should I buy" thread, but I'm principally interested in isolation. If this has been answered, I couldn't find it and offer many apologies. The...
  18. dtao819

    Bose IE2 vs. Etymotic Research HF5

    Hey everybody, I have been reading threads from head-fi for a few weeks now. This is my first post and I would love to hear some opinions, experiences, recommendations. I am debating between the Bose IE2 and the Etymotic Research HF5. I was told that the Bose IE2 has better bass and the HF5 is...
  19. R300

    se420 Advice

    I'm trialling a several pairs of iems at the moment, one of which being the Shure se420. I'm an iem newbie btw.   Whilst there is plenty to commend these phones, there are a couple of big problems. I don't know if this is because they need burning in, or maybe I'm not fitting them correctly...
  20. Ikarios

    IEMs with mic compatibility

    Hey guys, I'm about to dive into my first smartphone purchase, an HTC Thunderbolt, so I'm looking into having an IEM with a mic. Unfortunately it doesn't appear there's very many IEMs that are mic-compatible in the range I'm looking at (~$100-200) - there's the IE8, 10, and a few other...
  21. versp

    Do I need a new purchase?

    I currently am regularly using my Phonak Perfect Bass full time, but have a pair of Etymotic HF2's that I stopped using once I got the Phonaks and a pair of Shure E4C's that are still waiting for me to repair them.   I'm unsure as to whether to invest in a pair of headphones too now as well...
  22. wuf

    iem with iphone 4

    what iem can you recommend to use with the iphone 4?? music is mostly female voices like eva cassidy, norah jones,annie lennox, but also pop and hip hop.
  23. Drake22

    best HP for male vocals and electric guitar?

    What would that be, considering the money isn't a problem?   I am searching for one, and it's most important for me that it sounds great with clean male vocals and have crisp and powerful electric guitar sound. I've tried already dt880, hd600, hd650, sr325i, gs1000, hf2 and ad700 but none...
  24. BrianMendoza

    Mapletree Amps... What fine products!

      Hey guys, I just got my Mapletree Ear HD+, on Saturday morning, from Olias (who is an awesome dude, I'd buy from him again, any day) and I am so impressed.   I read a lot about the pairing of the RS1 and Mapletree and there's no surprised it's that raved about. They pair so well, it's...
  25. musedesign

    Etymotic hf2 vs. hf3 ?

    Hello All !   As far as I can see there is no difference between the hf2 and the hf3, except the mic/controller.  Are there any sonic differences between the hf2 and hf3?  Has anyone done a side by side comparison?   2010 Stereophile gave the hf2 a Class C rating and named the hf2 a...