1. inhale

    Help with IEMs to pair with Cowon D2 and FiiO E17

    Greets from snowy Russia, folks.   I need your help in choosing IEMs under $300 (shipped) for my Cowon D2 and FiiO E17. Seacrch conditions are as follows:   1. Not-colored or low-colored super high-detail sound.  2. Solid contruction and strong cable. 3. High impendance(?). Since I'm...
  2. note2self

    looking for my first pair of nice iem

    hello i was lead to this site because of all the wealth of knowledge about headphones ,iem ect.. i am very virgin about it all but have been doing some reading here and other sites i have a budget of max 400$ i listen to all types of music im not a bass head but i would like to hear the song...
  3. matt_sid

    Ortofon EQ5 , Ety HF5 or Brainwavz B2?

    Hi,   I'm in the market for some IEMs, however I live in South Korea and the differences in choice and price can be huge compared to the U.S or Europe. So, rather tell you what my budget is, it's probably better to tell you what I've found out I can afford after doing a little research.  ...
  4. audiophile6500

    Headphones or IEMs with a Powerful, "In Your Face" Forward Midrange

    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, so I can't really explain too much. I got the W3000ANV but didn't get what I was really looking for. I'll be returning those, and I really want a headphone or IEM that can deliver a strong midrange. I'd like the midrange to just jump off my MP3 and...
  5. starlan

    Etymotic HF3 compared to ER-4P?

    I own the Ety ER-4P's, these are my second pair as the first got lost/stolen years ago, I quickly replaced them since they are worth every penny. I've been using these headphones for years and years and they are still rock solid. I love these things, awesome clarity, super isolation and I...
  6. Theownist

    Can the Etymotic ER-4PT be converted to an Etymotic ER-4S in the same way that the Etymotic ER-4P can?

    I am about to pull the trigger on the a pair of ER-4s, and would like to get the 4P, but it can't be found many places, and is always at its MSRP. For this reason, I was looking at the 4PTs, since, correct me if I'm wrong, they're the same as the 4Ps and could therefore be converted to 4s's. I...
  7. Poetic dreamer

    FUN sound signatures vs cold/analytical sound signatures

    What headphones/IEM's would you guys say are "Fun" to listen to?   So far I have owned:   Etymotic ER-4S   Spyder Realvoice   Superlux HD 668B   PX-100   Philips SHE3850   Of those, the only two with "fun" sound signatures were the PX-100 and the Philips SHE3850. The...
  8. anoxy

    (< $800) IEMs, custom or universal with clarity of ER4 and bass of ASG-1?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I love my 4.Ai for the clarity and detail they provide, however I also love my ASG-1 for their excellent bass and mids.   Instead of owning two pairs of IEMs, I'm hoping to finally just settle on one that will do it all....if that's even possible? I've looked...
  9. glorkaglickflic

    What Schitt Amp to use with Etymotic ER 4S

    I want to get the 4S because I believe it will give the most accurate response.  I'm looking for as much of a neutral sound as I can get.  I've heard this IEM is quite inefficient.  Would the Asgard 2 be able to drive this IEM to its full potential of should I get a Valhalla or Lyr?  I really...
  10. Happy Camper

    Etymotics sound with a bit more bass? Prefer not to use a portable amp to do it.

    My beloved ER4s died and I'm in search mode. I loved the clean details and the isolation in noisy work environments the 4s gave. I used a Xin Macro 4 with bass boost and got outstanding performance for the cost of the etys. So in the $300 range, suggestions to consider that would let me remove...
  11. CJG888

    Neutral IEM for Classical and Jazz with good soundstage and bass extension

    At the moment, I am using Ety HF5s with either an iBasso P4 or an O2 (iPod Classic 160GB as the source) as my portable rig. I listen exclusively to classical (orchestral, chamber and opera) and jazz. Whilst I am happy with the speed and resolution of the HF5s, I sometimes find the sense of scale...
  12. Rock N Roll 93

    new in-ear

    Hi eveyone   This is my first post here. I want to buy a new in-ear, i listen only rock music and my budget is 300 € and i'm like in-ear with a flat response and i have a doubt for rock i buy dinamic armature or balanced armature ?, sorry for my bad English.   Thanks, Carlo
  13. Spyro

    "Artificial" Treble? Say What?

    What does artificial treble sound like?  I mean all IEM's are a processed sound so other than simply saying "un-natural", not sure I understand?  I hear this thrown out a lot about W3 and how W4 has much better more natural sounding treble.  But to me a heavy softness or veil (the way I hear...
  14. darinf

    San Diego Head-Fi Meet: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

    ***Update*** Date has been changed to Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. Sorry about that.   OK, here it is, finally!   ***Update*** I have confirmed a location and time for the meeting:   The meet will be from 11:00am until 4:30pm on Saturday, November 3rd.   The meet will be held...
  15. J

    JDSLabs C421 or Leckerton Audio Slimline UHA-4 for Etymotic ER-4s on cellphone.

    Hi.   Long time reader, first time poster.   It's obvious that my Galaxy Nexus phone is not doing my Etymotic ER-4s justice so I'm thinking about getting a portable amp.   As far as I know no one is able to do USB audio on the Galaxy Nexus just yet, but that might change. I also have...
  16. AudioDwebe

    Which three IEM's covers it all?

    The proliferation of all things headphone related over the last several years absolutely blows my mind.  It seems there are new players getting into the game each and every month, making it confusing even for folks who've been 'round these neck of the woods for more than a minute about potential...
  17. Nando1970

    portable rig upgrade itch: next step toward nirvana sound

    I've been enjoying my S:flo2 -> Leckerton UHA-4 -> Etymotics ER-4S with custom mold for a couple of years now. I am very happy with this rig.   Anyway since these days most of my listening is on the go I am considering to improve the rig... you know that typical upgrade itch...   In the...
  18. azizbhimani

    Long read but I Need your advice! Want to buy earphones/IEM/CEIM, $500 maximum.

    Hello guys :)   I am in the market for a pair of earphones. I have read, to no avail, many many reviews here and on the rest of the internet. But I come to you for guidance because there are way too many products out there and I don't want to make the wrong purchase and throw my money away...
  19. gnarlsagan

    What are the biggest flaws of your favorite iems?

    This is one of the most useful questions imo. I'll start.   DBA-02: Sub-bass roll off   FXT90: Too much mid-bass    FXD80: Recessed mids   GR07 mkII: Slight treble roll off     Also does anyone have any iems they consider to have no flaws? I've never heard one.
  20. imadroppa

    Ety's vs. Fischer?

    Well, here's my dilemma. I am a hip-hop producer, i make instrumentals. So headphones are a big deal for me. My problem is that i have 3 pair of bassy iem's (kicker EB141, Xears TD4, ATH-CKS77), and in need of something more along the lines of neutral for mixing and mastering. I dont really want...
  21. dungie

    Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

    Hi everyone,   Suppose I have a backpack ready for hi-end audio. Suppose I'm not strong enough to carry things like RWA Isabellina HPA with me. For simplicity, let's limit setup with 4lbs. What components should I choose?   Source: is there anything better than battery-powered Apogee...
  22. Max Minimum

    Finally time to replace my Etymotics ER-4s

    They have served me well for about 10 years!  But at last one of the ear pieces is going in and out, so I'm going to replace them with another set of IEMs.  Here's what I want from the new set:   1) They must be universal-fit IEMs because my wife, a couple of friends, and I like to listen to...
  23. mcalc55

    Custom Molds: Can I use on multiple headphones?

    Title says it all...   I'm going to get molds made this friday - I currently have a pair of Etymotic HF2s.  As far as I know, the mold will match the headphones that I bring in, but if there anything that's more universal?  I know a mold for the HF2s will fit the ER 4s but nothing else.  My...
  24. Sylaw


    ive been doing this research for many years and yet i found only two iems that at least comes closer to my expectations . " ety er4s & westone 4s..  bt need to change everything with the tym..  if any one knows something  better plz  try to give me suggestions .   appreciate it!
  25. sonickarma

    earphone with best/ most realistic response accuracy

    Is it still the Etymotic Research ER4 range (which is quite old)   Has it been superceeded?