1. zhouf

    Tzar 90: A Review of these Mini-Beasts

    Initial Impressions   I’ll begin with a quick comparison between the Tzar 90’s to the well-received Heir 3Ai’s. I received my 3Ai’s a few months ago, and I clearly remember the first song I listened to. Sara Bareille’s “City – Live at the Fillmore” totally blew me away. The song begins with...
  2. AndroidVageta

    Cheapest portable amp for Etymotic ER4S?

    Sooo got me my pair of ER4S's today and well...either something is wrong or these require a pretty crazy amount of power for their size to push.   I'm currently using a AudioTrak ImAmp (portable amp that I also use for desktop) and even at 75% volume (which is way more than any headphone's...
  3. H T T

    Favorite headphones for female vocals for <$200

    I am lookibg for a set of cans that excel with female vocals: Rin', Perfume, Florence and the Machine, Stevie Nicks, Sixpence None the Richer, Natalie Merchant, and Sophie Milman. I'll be using an iPhone. Thanks for you recommendations.
  4. mrarroyo

    38 Portable Amps Review

    It has been about 9 months since Rob (Vorlon1) and I did a portable amp comparison. Since then I have had an idea of going back and adding additional amps. I hope that the additional listening time and perspective of all these months allows us to provide a better insight especially as we all...
  5. doobooloo

    Quitting Head-Fi...

    So. It's been a fun ride so far. I've tried many different phones, some out of my budget and some within: Koss PortaPro Grado SR-80 Grado SR-225 Grado SR-325i Alessandro MS-1 Alessandro MS-2 Alessandro MS-2i Alessandro MS-Pro Sennheiser EH-2270 Sennheiser HD-580 Sennheiser HD-600...
  6. EFN

    ETYMŌTIC IEM Owners Headcount - Are you one?

    01. EFN - ER-4P (Classic Red/Blue) With Custom Molds from + ER-4S Ultramodded Black 02. sebascrub - ER-6is Black 03. gates_2 - ER-4S 04. KrooL - ER-4S & ER-4P 05. jeffreyj900 - ER-4P (Black) (P>S Adapter) 06. apple_tree - ER-6is White 07. lextek - ER-6i 08. PiccoloNamek...
  7. Adrian Peterson

    Whats are some of the best headphone's for serious music production that can run off my laptop

    Whats are some of the best headphone's for music production that can run off my laptop?
  8. glorkaglickflic

    I'e done my due diligence so far.........

    I was thinking of getting the Etymotic ER 4S because of it neutral, analytical sound, but decided that I want  full sized headphones, because I already have a pair of IEMS (UE Pro fi, with a nice emphasis on the bass, which I like with my iPod when I go the gym, and that is where I only use the...
  9. glorkaglickflic

    I don't know where to post this, so here goes.....

    Can you compares IEMs with full-size headphones?  I was wondering if a comparison could be made with the Etymotic ER 4 S and the LCD 2, HE 6, HE 500.  Its really the sound you're comparing.  I think ergonomics might come second, after the sound.  Anyway, I hope some kind of roundup could be done.
  10. atistatic

    Hard Iem Choice

    I want flat, transparent natural (not colored) and detailed IEM, i was thinking around of 400box, im thinking to buy CK100Pro or ue900 what do u say guys?
  11. jpmaster

    IEM for hans zimmer

    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  12. rimisrandma

    Etymotic ER-4 ( ER4 ) NO BASS? 1st Post UPDATED 6-5

  13. InternetSandman

    suggestions for IEM's for public transit commuting

    I'm currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD 449's when I'm on my commute to and from work on the bus, and in a few months I'll be going back to school which will necessitate a 2 hour long transit commute, and I'm looking at various IEM's and pondering the benefits of the noise isolation, but I...
  14. ksimm033

    Custom with ER4 treble and a little more bass?

    I've noticed through my IEM journey that I'm a fan of treble, clarity, vocals, deep bass and punch when need be. What custom best suits that? I'm looking at all price ranges with of course the cheaper route being preferred; I don't want to skimp and lose out though, if something else is better...
  15. bighairybloke

    My Etymotic ER4s have died, suggest a replacement?

    Hi peeps, as it sez on the tin, any suggestions? The stem broke off one of my buds:-( Yaki Da, Steve
  16. glorkaglickflic

    I don't know which forum to post this, so here goes.....

    Can you compares IEMs with full-size headphones?  I was wondering if a comparison could be made with the Etymotic ER 4 S and the LCD 2, HE 6, HE 500.  Its really the sound you're comparing.  I think ergonomics might come second, after the sound.  Anyway, I hope some kind of roundup could be done.
  17. Tinola

    Should I get one over the other??? (High end IEM - fit ear/ westone)

    Just getting back in the hobby right now, so I don't have any equipment right now. But I'm looking for a portable setup that I can bring anywhere(from my house to the library etc.) So I'm kinda stuck with two or three options(Can't do custom iem): Either get the FitEar To Go 334 without a...
  18. Amar1990

    Portable Amplifier (~£100 UK) for Etymotic ER4-S?

    Hey guys, First off I am a bit of a novice when it comes to this sort of thing, so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I know there are a few threads already discussing portable amplifiers for the Etymotic ER4-S', however most of them are out of my price range or unavailable in the UK. So...
  19. audionewbi

    Sound Potion: Monolith

    I like to introduce an amp that to my suerprize has remain quiet unnoticed even in its hometown. It is a product that can be purchase as a DIY kit or as a complete built from either fujia avic (which has the special wooden finish) or from the makers own site.   So who is this amp for: If...
  20. 2jono

    Etymotic ER4P/S Replacement Cable ?

    Having enjoyed the brilliant ER4P/S for many years , unfortunately the cable has thrown in the towel , most likely near the y splitter (Yes i have replaced the filters) which means i have only the faintest sound coming thru   So i assume i need a new cable , can anyone offer a suggestion on...
  21. Beejohn

    BEST solution for airplane (JH13Pro custom vs FitEar universal), money is no object but sound quality, comfort, and lastly portability are

    Hi All, This is my first post on head-if, hello Everyone! I have been reading a lot on the forum, but now I come to you all with a question as to which you all woud think is the best solution for me. I would like a setup for international airplane travel that provides the best sound quality...
  22. haibane90

    Etymotic Er4s custom mold

    Hello,   I've saw a lot of threads, but I think they are all outdated.  I am looking to get some custom molds for my etymotics. I don't see any link from Westone; do they do these anymore? I am also not sure how the procedure works. Do I get the molds from an audologist first and then ship...
  23. proglife

    Broke my Etymotics...didn't care for them anyways. Need new CHEAP IEM's. help!

    I've had these Etymotic ER-4's for something like 7 years now. The little plastic shaft on one of the earpieces snapped. It was my fault, not the headphones. I'm not that bummed out about it, because the sound signature never really appealed to me. They always felt super dry, analytical and...i...
  24. PTom

    Sub $500/£350 IEM: Good Isolation, Comfort, Well Behaved Treble

    Could someone give me a list of the best sub $500/£350 universal fit IEMs with good isolation and comfort. Something that is good for listening for extended periods of time i.e. not harsh, sibilant or with wild treble spikes. A balanced neutral sound signature would be ideal but a slightly warm...
  25. ADD

    Any classical musicians or regular classical concertgoers here using IEMs?

    I have decided that due to my permanent chronic pain and neck problems, I am going to either use IEMs from now on (as there is no additional weight on the cervical spine), try the Stax portable unit (feather light) or go to speakers (in that order of preference). I would prefer not to go to...