1. phillyd

    [CLOSED] Audeze LCD-2 Fazer or MrSpeakers/Dan Clark Ether (original or 1.1)

    Hello! I'm looking to buy one of the pairs above. Will pay PayPal and shipping is to 47150. Please message me with any offers.
  2. C

    [WTB] MrSpeakers Ether (1 or 1.1)

    Looking to buy a MrSpeakers Ether 1 or 1.1 Shoot me a PM if you would like to get rid of yours. Keywords: Mr Speakers, Mr. Speakers, MrSpeakers, Dan Clark Audio
  3. S

    Ether CX (Mint Condition) >> SOLD

    Selling my mint condition Ether CX bought new from Drop last Christmas. I let them burn in for 100 hrs as Dan Clark recommends. Mint condition and work perfectly. Come with all included accessories (all the tuning pads, XLR cable with adapter, cleaning cloth and instructions) AND I will throw in...

    Wanted: Mr.Speakers /Dan Clark 3.5mm Unbalanced Dummer Cable

    What up Headfi Gang, Anyone has a decently price extra unbalanced dummer cable (with 3.5mm termination) that can be sent with the quickness? My price is +/- $60. I'll weigh offers that come my way, and go from there. The budget is tight and gotta see what's out there before hitting other...
  5. Snitte77

    *** SOLD *** [EU]: MrSpeaker Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi, offering a Ether C Flow 1.1 in mint condition. Comes with the original XLR DUM cable, pads and case. Additionally available would be a CustomCans/Eidolic XLR cable, a silver 1/4“ adapter and a selection of ZMF pads if needed. Looking for 890€ shipped within the EU (intl. shipping on...
  6. Amouage

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers / Drop Ether CX

    ---SOLD Hi all, Up for sale is my Ether CX, purchased from another user. They are in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures, even the earpads still look essentially new. Link to photos: Package will include headphones themselves, stock balanced...
  7. Currawong

    SOLD! MrSpeakers Ether Flow - MASSIVE PRICE DROP

    For sale is a pair of MrSpeakers Ether Flow 1.0 headphones with carrying case and 4 cables. I use Utopias and Empyreans for my main listening so these don't get any head time. Two of the cables are DUM prototypes (the wire is the same). They had very stiff sheathing on them which I removed...
  8. neogeosnk

    FS: Mr.Speaker Ether 2 **Sold**

    Up for sale my minty MrSpeakers Ether 2. Comes with stock balanced cable and brand new perforated pads installed. The stock pads are also included. I'm the second owner but first owner used them for about 10 hours total. I got about 20 hours max on them also. They are still under warranty which...
  9. noro

    (SOLD) Forza Audioworks Claire HPC Mk2 MrSpeakers 1.5m 3.5mm

    Like new condition. Semi-transparent black. All the information is in the title. If you are fine with shipping without tracking the price can be 10 euros less.
  10. Dan Lee


    Hey guys I bought these to use as a backup to my Stax SR-009S. They are just as good as I remembered them being, but I just enjoy my 009S's much better and can't justify keeping these to hardly ever use. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  11. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Drop + MrSpeakers Ether CX

    Headphones SOLD!! Selling my Drop + MrSpeakers Ether CX. I am the original owner and they have about 60 hours on them. Smoke-free home. Excellent, like new condition. They will come with all the original accessories and paperwork and will come in the original box. The cable, cable adapter, and...
  12. Dan Lee


    sold sold sold Less than 2 month old Voce. Registered with MrSpeakers and have the full warranty. I just wrote a review in the Stax III thread about the five headphones if you would like to read what I really thought of these in compare to the others. I chose these over the SR-009 and...
  13. TsKen


    I racked up some emergency medical bills lately and I need to sell my headphones to pay for the cost. I am looking to sell a pair of Ether Flow 1.1 with extra earpads(will come with angle/non-angled earpads). The Ether Flow will come with -2 Earpads.(Old Earpad and the new angled ones). -1.1...
  14. Phantaminum

    Sold: MrSpeakers Ether 2

    Price lowered: $1550 Up for sale are MrSpeakers Ether 2. I find that they are one of the lightest and most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Definitely TOTL sound but I personally don’t feel it melds well with my current equipment. These come with XLR VIVO cable, box, carrying case, and...
  15. Dan Lee

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Ether 2

    $1500 for one of the best planar headphones ever made. I preferred them to the LCD-4. Started this at $1650 for a new pair of E2's. However these gotta go. They are awesome cans but I no longer have an amp to run them and they are currently living in their original packaging and the gods...
  16. humzebra

    Ether Flow Red Excellent Flat Pads, E stat Pads

    Mr. Speakers Ether Flow Red Excellent, Stock flat pads worn, Good-, E Stat Pads Very Good, Stock cable good, Stock 6ft non-DUM cable $600+ $40 shipping in the US
  17. Law87

    [WTB] Mrspeakers Cable

    Hello, I'm looking for mrspeakers cable, pure copper only please, no SPC or Silver, must terminate in 1/4 in, atleast 5 foot no more than 8. Let me know what you have, thanks! if you have 0 trades and less than 50 post, dont even bother. Price is negotiable
  18. Schwibbles

    SOLD: MrSpeakers Ether 2 - like new

    SOLD!! I bought them new and have only had them a few weeks. I'm selling because I got a great deal on a Utopia and I don't need two TOTL headphones. As I said above, these are only a couple weeks old. The authenticity paper is dated December 18th, 2018. They are in excellent, like new...
  19. electrathecat

    FS: Ether Flow (Open) at rock-bottom price! SOLD!

    As a furloughed federal government worker, I have the need at this point to winnow my stable of excess equipment AND finally have the time to do so, so my loss is your gain. I take pretty anal-retentive care of my stuff, and I'll be selling a lot of it in the near future so be on the lookout...
  20. neogeosnk

    SOLD: MrSpeakers Ether Flow 1.1

    Selling ether flow with 1.1 upgrade. 2nd owner. The headphones are in great condition with no blemishes on the frame that I see. One of the pads has a small indented tear that is visible in the pictures but it's hardly noticeable. New upgrade really makes them sound really good. I upgraded...
  21. Dan Lee


    Lot of people posting their Utopias for sell in mint condition. How bout some BRAND NEW Utopias. I am selling these because I have another pair and dont need 2. I was gonna use the other as a back up because for me this is an end game can. I mean I am done after this. I am clearing out all...
  22. casper3127

    [SOLD] Mint Condition MrSpeakers Ether Flow C 1.0

    Hi there, on behalf of my good and trustworthy friend Francisco, I'm coming back to you with his MrSpeakers Ether Flow C for sale. He's ready to sell his absolutely mint condition MrSpeakers Ether Flow C 1.0 since he's definitely made up his mind to Utopia and Senn related to closed hp, so...
  23. Schwibbles

    SOLD: MrSpeakers Ether C Flow w/ 1.1 upgrade, new pads, and MrSpeakers Vivo Cable

    SOLD!! Selling my very good condition Ether C Flow. I recently installed the 1.1 tuning upgrade. It also has brand new pads on it; purchased 2 weeks ago. The pads have less than 10 hours of listening time on them. I will also include the original tuning foam so you can revert it back to stock...
  24. Schwibbles


  25. wormsdriver

    Mr.Speakers Ether C v1.1 with D.U.M. cable

    Excellent condition pair of Ether C with D.U.M. cable with 6.3mm termination. Retail Box, carrying case, cleaning cloth, paperwork and dampening pads included. I am the second owner, total hours is less than 100. Many owners seem to prefer these to the newer Flow version. BTW, if you're looking...