1. me2621a

    Kenzie Encore, Mogwai SE, Woo Audo WA5-LE

    Hi Everyone, I currently have a new pair of Focal Utopias that I run out of the following signal chain: Roon -> Nuc -> Gumby -> Mjolnir 2 (Telefunken NOS) I like the Mjolnir 2 but while it was great for my Ether Flows and LCD-3 I feel like the Utopias would benefit from something a little...
  2. mrspeakers

    A Video Tour of MrSpeakers’ Factory

    Tyll was kind enough to stop by and do a video interview after CanJam SoCal. He’s just posted it here, I hope you enjoy a look at what we’ve been building over the last 6 years. In the video we also discuss voicing our electrostatic, and give a feel for some of our facilities, modulo the lab...