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  1. Wasaabi

    Moondrop Variations (measurement)- One of the most cost-effective EST+BA+DD iems

    Moondrop has always been a company pursuing Harman Target Curve, and so is their Variations. There's a small hole on the panel of Variations, which should be designed for its DD. It is a three-way design with three channels at the sound outlet, each channel is responsible for bass, mids and...
  2. TRI Starshine

    TRI Starshine

    The new flagships from TRI. A brilliantly tuned set which differs from analytical TRI Starlights and Starseas but is no less competent.
  3. Thieaudio Clairvoyance

    Thieaudio Clairvoyance

    Clairvoyance - Tonal Euphoria The Clairvoyance was tuned with a zero-tolerance for tonal imbalance. Featuring a flat midline that transitions smoothly to the exact inner ear canal resonance peak, the Clairvoyance presents a natural tonality that mirrors the precision of calibrated professional...
  4. TRI Starlight

    TRI Starlight

  5. BGVP EST8


    Specifications - Drivers: Sonion Electrostatic Driver*2 | Balanced Armatures*6 Features: 3 Tuning Switch; 9 Styles of Tuning Available Sensitivity: ≥110dB SPL/MW Input impedance: 30 Ω Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz The distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1 KHZ) Channel balanced: ≤1 dB Rated power: 10mW...