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    Clip plus Equation RP15
  2. TravisNJ

    Looking for a new set of Headphones!

    Hey guys! I made this thread about 7 years ago and you guys really helped me find a decent pair of 'phones (Equation Audio RP-21s) for the price.  I broke them a year ago and have not gotten around to buying a new pair and cannot seem to find anyone that stocks them anymore.   Any ideas for...
  3. afg34

    possible to switch drivers?

    My RP-21 has some cosmetic damages and it is also quite uncomfortable. My Zalman headphones are comfortable but don't sound so good. So i am asking if it is possible to put the drivers of the RP-21 in the frame of the Zalman headphones? the zalman headphoens...
  4. tbonner1

    Equation Audio RP-21 Review

    Equation Audio RP-21 Review Here is the capsule review upfront: Treble 8 (of 10) Clear with good detail. Midrange 8 Very good definition. Superb delineation during complex music passages without the congestion of many other headphones. Bass 9 A strength of this headphone...
  5. porkfish

    Best Headphones for Rock Music/Guitar Amp

    Hey my first post here. However I have been reading on here for some time. I bought my VModa Vibes for my ipod based on recommendations from here - nice choice! So I am making another purchase and have tried to find some specific answers through the search, but didn't find quite what I wanted...
  6. Hanzkasper

    Beyer DT660 2007 Edition with Pleather Pads

    Hi there,   I put some Equation RP-21 earpads on my Beyer DT660. Warmed them up significantly and they finally have the lowend impact i always wanted them to have. Down to 20hz there is a good amount of energy with these pleathers. The phones now sound much more balanced and almost relaxed...
  7. Groovetreatment

    Help me to choose which headphones to buy!

    Hi everyone,im new in this forum and as i have read through the net this is the right place to help me.Im building up my home studio,including pc,soundcard,monitors and headphones .I produce progressive-house,deep-house,chill out.Im in big trouble to decide which headphones to buy,i have read...
  8. Asr

    2007 Awards for Headphones and Amps

    With only a few more days in 2007 left, I thought I'd put my audio experience acquired over the past year to some use to share what I think are the best of the best for headphone hi-fi. Not all these products came out in 2007 but all are still available on the market. These are, of course, my...
  9. rk12

    Need assistance with buying my next headphones.

    Hello everybody, this is my first message, but I know this is the place when it comes to headphones. My old affordable Equation RP21 is close to end it's life so I need new headphones. The budget 200$, new only. Requirments: Excellent built quality, I not planning to replace them...
  10. T

  11. Viber

    Any real alternative to D2000 (DT880 pro?)

    Hey guys,   My Rp-21 finally broke after 5 years and i'm on the hunt for a new full-size comfortable can.   For a lot of time the D2000 was on my crosshairs but the screw problem really put me off, the cheapest i can get them is 335$ including shipping and tax and having to deal with...
  12. big jake

    shure srh840, 750dj or ath m50?

    un-amped for portable use with i-pod. wide variety of music. Can anyone shed light on the pro`s and con`s of each, and if anyone has any other suggestions I would be very grateful. They have to be full size, cos I don`t like the feel of anything else. thanks in advance
  13. abernardi

    Buying Reference Headphones

    Oh boy guys, I am overwhelmed! I've been sifting through posts here for the last 5 days and becoming more and more indecisive. I'm new here and am really enjoying the threads. Thank you all. I'm a film editor with a somewhat unique situation. I work on an older Avid Media Composer with a...
  14. el-bo

    superlux hd-662F vs equation audio rp-21 ??

    for mixing (yeah, i know i know, not supposed to mix in cans, but i have no choice)   any thoughts ??   the price of the superlux seem too good to be true   thanks
  15. Alexmb

    Equation RP-21 the right decision? input appreciated

    Recently sold Some Ultrasone pro 900s  With the cash from that i would like to save the majority of that for school expenses atm but could really use some cans >150 Source: Ipod(no amp) Must be closed(cant wake the kid sleeping in the dorm) Music  Rap/hiphop: Tech n9ne,Jay...
  16. project86

    Mini-Review: digiZoid ZO "portable subwoofer"

        In the world of audio enthusiasts, there are many options and choices to be made. Some can almost be seen as polarizing, such as tube sound versus solid state or analog versus digital. Of course, any reasonable person will see these as options to explore rather than a cause to become...
  17. isamu

    Are there any headphones better than the Sony MDR-7506?

    Are there any headphones better than the Sony MDR-7506? Hi guys. I have owned my Sony MDR-7506 Professional Studio-grade headphones for over 7 years and they still sound FABOULOUS! I would like to know if any of you have owned or used these cans and compared them to others in this range? I...
  18. wildcat46734

    Good closed back headphones

    As much as I love open back headphones such as the Grados, I was wondering what some good closed back headphones are. The more I look, the more it seems as though most headphones are open. I am looking for some good sounding closed back headphones that would be suitable for any types of music...
  19. _Spanky_

    Sony MDR-V6

    I have a couple general questions about them so I figured this was the right category. I am wanting to get some V6's pretty soon but I would like to hear a couple people's opinions about them. I am sort of a bass head and I like nice deep bass but I want clarity in all tones as well. I am a big...
  20. afg34

    Comfort issue with Equation Audio RP-21

    They are a little too tight on my head. After about 10-20 minutes of wearing them, it starts to hurt. 1) Is there a method to break them in properly so they will loosen up? 2) Or is my only solution to get better pads? If so, whats a cheap pad that will get the job done? Im also finding...
  21. Sina

    Sony MDR-V700DJ good?

    they seem to be the headphone that one of the best djs in the world is using, Tiesto. But they are cheap around 100$ how is that possible? but anyways are they good? are they comfortable? i know it has good bass though. Even though it is DJ can it be used at home, or outside?
  22. LearnedHand

    Rega Brio and Headphones

    Hey All,   First post to this forum.  Surfed here occasionally for sage advice though.  Anyway, this past summer I was looking to start playing vinyl on my "nice" turntable (read: not the portable I bought at Urban Outfitters), so I went out and bought a manageably priced amp.  I ended up...
  23. warrior05

    M-Audio Q40 Impressions (long w/pics)

    Another Head-Fi’er had posted asking about the M-Audio Q40s. No one had a pair at that time. I had not heard of these headphones till then but was very intrigued since I have a pair of BX-8 monitors that I love. I started to think – wouldn’t it be cool if M-Audio can capture the sound of the...
  24. StealthyCow

    JMoney Beyer Pads with RP-21s update: Recieved, w/ general questions

    Hey guys. So I was searching around for new pads for my RP-21s (old ones are getting on my nerves, very hard material with lots of use) and was going to buy the Beyer DT770 replacement pads from their site...which is when I found the JMoney pads. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using...
  25. dandi


    The last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time listening to the Equation Audio line of headphones, or as Equation calls their line “EarTools”. I was intrigued by the no nonsense straight forward style and statements on their web site. The Engineer’s and Musician’s experience with Equation...