1. astalavista

    2, 4, 8 X OVERSAMPLING

    Hello Friends! Here are interested in this issue. What are the modes and what are they for? In my e-DAC has a 2x 4x 8x modes, but I always use 2x. Let's share our experience!
  2. voxx

    Running a Little Dot Mk 3 or 4 from an Epiphany Accoustic E-DAC

    I have an Epiphany Accoustic E-DAC (same as a JDS Labs ODAC) on order and have always wanted to try a Tube Amp.   My question is has anyone had any experience running a Little Dot 3 or 4 from this DAC and what was the sound like. My current headphones are ATH 50's but I'm looking to upgrade...
  3. Dunkelbunt

    Looking for a DAC to use with a new computer

    I'm currently looking to buy a new pc so now would probably be a good time to find a DAC to go with my Stepdance/LCD 2's. Can someone reccomend some good low/mid budget DAC's please?   I live in Switzerland so the selection is limited and importing can be complicated.
  4. wrathzombie

    Cheapest, Good Quality DAC, with RCA Output

    Please provide names of Cheapest DACs with RCA output.
  5. kiteki

    Epiphany Acoustics E-DAC / JDSlabs ODAC / Head 'n' Hifi ODAC / ~ discussion

      I couldn't find a thread to discuss this new DAC in so here it is.   - http://epiphany-acoustics.co.uk/our-products/e-dac-24bit-miniature-usb-dac/   - http://www.jdslabs.com/item.php?fetchitem=39   - http://headnhifi.com/index.php/shop/objective     I already have a Sabre...
  6. imoffline

    Questions about DAC for DT990

    4Good evening everyone! I plan to get my A1 recently for driving 250ohm DT990. Any recommended DAC for this combination? Thanks a lot for answering! My sound source is CDs and I have approx $500 budget.
  7. Epiphany Acoustics E-Dac

    Epiphany Acoustics E-Dac

    The E-DAC is Epiphany Acoustics’ offering of the ODAC as designed by NwAvGuy in its own stand alone, custom enclosure. As with the EHP-O2, the DAC has been designed to achieve truly remarkable specifications at an extremely attractive price. This, once again, has certainly been achieved. The...