empire ears phantom
  1. MoonAudio

    SALE: Empire Ears Phantom Universal IEMs - SAVE $400 - Last Chance

    Empire Ears Phantom Universal IEMs Was: $1,799.00 Now: $1,399.00 Save $400 Order Now The Phantom is the result of constant reinvention. The ambition to push for more. To go beyond the conventional. With precision crafted performance as the touchstone and innovation as its creed, new ways were...
  2. S

    In Ear monitors with good bass extension

    Dear friends, I am in the market for a new pair of in ear monitors for live use. I am a singer with a relatively low voice who is very sensitive to bass response and extension in monitors and microphones. I get quite uncomfortable if a mic isn't flat to at least 60 hz, for example. The same...
  3. DAPpower

    ( WTS ) Empire Ears Phantom UIEM + EA Ares II 8 braid upgrade cable

    Selling my Empire Ears Phantom Universals with both Effect Audio Ares II 8 wire upgrade cable as well as the original Ares II 4 wire cable. The Phantoms have a very organic timbre and have a very balanced neutral tuning that sound really smooth and full. Very good UIEMS that are quite popular ...
  4. alavenue

    Empire Ears Phantom equipment recommendations

    I am fairly new to IEM's and after doing a lot of research I decided to upgrade my Sennheiser ie800s and purchased Empire Ears Phantom. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these or similar iem and could recommend a cable and dac that pairs well with them. My goal is to find something...
  5. leaky74

    [DELETE] Looking for Various Empire Ears IEMs

    Looking for the following Empire Ears Universals: - Legend X - Bravado - Nemesis - Valkyrie I’d be looking to exchange for my Meze Rai Penta (inc 4.4mm cable), and if relevant, a top up on my side. I can look at adding cash or, if the trader has a DAP along the lines of a HiBy R6 Pro, I could...
  6. leaky74

    [SOLD] Meze Rai Penta - As New - Need Gone

    I’m looking at selling/trading my 2 month old Meze Rai Penta in as new condition. I am willing to take £670. For another £50 I can include the 4.4mm balanced cable. In terms of trades I’m only really interested in Empire Ears LX, Phantoms, Bravado or Nemesis. As I say,vIEMs are in as new...
  7. noper

    FS: Empire Ears Phantom CIEM w/ Eros II 8-wire

    I have a pair of custom Empire Ears Phantoms + Eros II 8-wire for sale. These IEMs are famous for their lush, natural sound. You can have these reshelled with Naga Audio (price starts at 370 USD as of this writing) or any other company you prefer. Model of IEM to be reshelled = Empire Ears...
  8. KuroKitsu

    (SOLD) [FS] Empire Ears Phantom (Universal)

    Up for sale this time are my universal Phantoms. I've owned it for about 3 months and I'm selling it to help pay for Khan. Like new, comes with set of Final Audio tips. Unfortunately the stock case and packaging were used to ship my Zeus, so this will come in a Pelian 1010 case. As I no longer...
  9. DrummerLeo

    FS: Empire Ears Phantom Price Dropped!!!

    FS is EE Phantom. They are in great condition. The stock cable is in 4.4mm terminal, it also comes with Ted T2 silver cable in 2.5mm. All accessories are included. Price: $1250 fees covered, shipped within US. International buyer please ask for shipping quote, the shipping cost on international...
  10. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Empire Ear Phantom IEMs

    Purchased from a fellow head-fier who original bought them new from Empire Ears in February 2018. IEMs are in good condition and sound great! Edit: Clarification to highlight there is no cable included with this sale just the IEMs, some tips, a case, a pouch and a cleaning tool.