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  2. ks12

    KRK Rokit 8(1st Gen) + Scarlett 2i2 upgrade

    Hi Guys, I am looking to upgrade from my current setup of KRK Rokit 8's and a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. I was looking at getting an Emotiva BasX A-100($230) and a pair of Polk LSiM703's. I mainly use the speakers for PS4/PC gaming and listening to music(metal/hard rock). I was wondering...
  3. Wfanning1

    Emotiva entering the game with eGo!

    Hi all just got back from axpona seeing tons of nice stuff, (best year yet) liking emo equipment I was intrigued by thier info on new secrets on display? I found when entering thier room they have a new portable amp/ dac comming out in May ( they say?) first impressions? Not bad they have two...
  4. seraj5

    Good speaker setup for 300dollars

    Hi, second thread here. I want to buy some speakers that sounds good, i want them to sound as good as possible and they should be''bookshelf'' speakers, my budget is 300dollars for them, i live in Sweden in Europe. I have looked into the Dali Zensor 1. I also want to buy a dac and amp combo, my...
  5. ematthews

    I guess I need help with my Beyer T1's

    I guess I am going to need a better source amp for my Beyerdynamic T1's.. Gear   Emotiva XPA-2 Emotiva UPA Emotiva ERC-2 Emotiva XDA-1   Marantz PM8004   I USE THIS MOST connect right to the headphone out. I have found it sounds better than my two headphone amps below.  ...
  6. buson160man

    emotiva pro has a new active speaker the stealth six

     I was browsing the emotiva pro website today and saw they have introduced a new model called the stealth six.It is a higher end offering betwen the regular airmotiv six and the stealth eight.But it more closely follows the stealth eight in its pedigree.It goes a bit lower than the airmotiv six...
  7. Hifisound

    5 DACs

    Hi all,   I am looking to buy a new DAC which can used as outboard DAC for PC or MAC, to be connected to my amp (NAD C372) in the main system. I am looking at following options :   1) Teac UD-H01 2) PS Audio DLIII 3) Peachtree DACiT 4) ASUS Xonar Essence One 5) Nuforce HDP   I am...
  8. nat72sherman

    cable and wire suggestions

    I just bought an emotiva dac. Still havent decided what amp and speaker, probably emotiva's too.   What kind of cables and wire do people use for components in my price range?
  9. lesithdx

    Best DAC under $200 ???

    I thought of moving into something decent and start by buying my self a ATM-M50 and at first i was thinking of going with the HRT Music Streamer II but recently i read somewhere that it does not do good when it comes to music with really fast dynamics. I listen to a lot of Metal so now i am in...
  10. buson160man

    nordost brahma power cord

     I recently borrowed a older nordost  eldorado power cable from a friend and tried it in my system on my cd player.I liked what I heard it seemed to be a better match than the cord I am using now which was an emotiva power cord which at $69.95 was a wise purchase.I was using the outrageously...
  11. SteveGuttenberg

    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

      REVIEW: Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 By:  Steve Guttenberg         Given the increasing popularity and interest in desktop loudspeaker audio here on Head-Fi.org, I asked Steve if he could write reviews of some outstanding desktop speakers for the community here at Head-Fi.  He did...