1. Gaco

    Best headphone amplifier for Sennheiser HD600?

    I just spend five hours yesterday in my local hifi store listening to all kinds of highend headphones and I found the Sennheiser HD600 to be the absolut best. However just having my PC with an X-fi soundcard in it I figured it perhaps isn't quite enough to really unleash these babies. I'm...
  2. tea-head

    Predator vs. Pico?

    Anyone heard both and care to chime in? Thanks. tea-head
  3. yhs9688

    Battery Replacement of RSA Intruder & CLAS db

    Has anyone attempted changing battery on their RSA intruder or CLAS -db?
  4. Ivabign

    Looking for owners manual (or scan of pages) for RSA Predator

    Just got a RSA Predator in the mail and it didn't have the manual - I wonder if anyone has a copy that could email to me? Not sure if I need it as it isn't there - lol :)   Unsure of how use with my iMac... I found a mini-usb to usb, I have the charger, so I'm good to go - just want to get...
  5. baloo123

    Roxanne Amp Recommendation

    So I just got my JH Audio Roxanne's and I love them. But I am looking to get a second amp/dac combo for these. Currently I have an RSA predator for my Edition 8's. Ideally something that could work with both would be nice but having something that is a better match with the JH's is great too...
  6. rmilewsk

    RSA Intruder vs. ALO The International

    Has anyone compared these two amps/dacs? I'm specifically going to be using them with the galaxy S4 and the JH Audio 13 pros.
  7. jffrynpmr

    Recommendations for Amp/DAC with *usable* volume control for sensitive IEMs

    Hey everyone. I do most of my listening on a laptop with some JH-16 IEMs and an RSA Predator. The thing that bugs me is that these are so sensitive that only about 10% of the volume control is even usable (yes on the low gain setting). It's basically 0-5% inaudible to some channel imbalance...
  8. Keenan

    Looking for a dac/amp for CIem

    HI everyone,   I am going to purchase Noble Audio K10,so i am looking for a dac that had a balanced connector. Main purpose is for listening music with my laptop  So far , I am interested with RSA Intruder , Cyber LAB dB, M8. Which one will be the best option for k10?
  9. Darwin022

    RSA Predator DAC w/ iPhone? (it used to work)

    Hi,   Back in the day, my RSA The Predator DAC used to work with my iPhone and iPad1 when plugged in via the camera connection kit (USB).  After a certain software update (4.3.x I think), that functionality stopped.  The only thing I saw around the same time was that Apple had tweaked the...

    Been out of the loop for awhile, need recommendations on PHA... Presently own RSA

    Hi Folks,   Been out of the loop of Headphone systems for some time.   I own and use on a regular basics RSA Hornet and Blackbird 71A, previously owned Preditor Also use Red Wine Ipod as source Portable phones  Senn HD 25-1 II Home cans Senn 650   W/ RSA Raptor Head Phone cable Stefan...
  11. atsq17

    RSA Shadow sounds worse than RSA Predator

    I was wondering if any of you out there had a similar experience.    I recently bought an RSA The Shadow and I did an A-B comparison using Creative Aurvana Live! and Philips Fidelio S2 (IEM). I found the sound signature to be very similar but the Predator was noticeably more "polished". I let...
  12. Gladzilla

    Christmas wishlist

    I currently have the Fiio e17 and the Topping D2. Ive been looking at the RSA  The Predator, I wanna give the vamp verza a look but just can't seem to want to commit. In my experence the E17 just falls short. I'd Listen to my topping D2 over Fiio E17 any day.    what other amps should i put on...
  13. essential-oils

    Does the RSA predator require burn-in?

    Was able to hear a well used Predator a few days ago using my JH 16's, it sounded magnificent.  Went ahead and got one, and while the imaging for the mid/high is extraordinary, the low-end is incredibly muddy, I can barely make anything out in those frequencies, and it it doesn't seem to be...
  14. tassardar

    Received my DacPort, some impression.(Vs The Predator)

    DacPort was released sometime back but I was never really into proper source output. So my first Dac was a iBasso D1 then the RSA Predator. I belong to the headphones and amp first before precise source. So recently I was trawling through the web for a nice Dac/Amp beyond my predator to drive my...
  15. theque

    Mid - High End DAC/AMP Combos (Please Rate)

    All,   After hours of research I have found the following 10 DAC/AMP combos to be in the mid - high end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, there are only a few reviews on each, and very few reviews which compare them to each other. Therefore, I am attempting to start a thread where people can...
  16. Asr

    Three-Part Review: HeadAmp Pico & RSA Predator

    This is #6 (of 6) of my continued Loaner Program, for my very recently acquired HeadAmp Pico and RSA Predator. Of course everyone wants to know how these two units sound and how they compare to each other, right? Well, for the next month I'll let just 3 other people have at both of these so they...
  17. zwitt

    Looking for an amp for the ultrasone pro900 and/or audio technica a900x

    I've heard suggestions for the ultrasone pro900 but none for the audio technica a900x is there an amp that could suit both if not could you suggest a portable amp to suit either of these headphones, thanks.
  18. zwitt

    I'm at a complete loss here guys

    I've been reading reviews for idk how long and I just can't seem to find a solid choice for a closed can I want something relatively neutral that isolates well And has good quality highs but not too sharp I was great pronounced mids especially vocals as well as good instrument separation that...
  19. HeyWaj10

    uDac-2(se) --> RSA Predator: Worth it?

    Hey all,   In my venture to move into the portable world (will be starting to travel 60%+ per week soon), I'm trying to gauge the value in upgrading a headphone amp/dac.  I currently have the Nuforce uDac-2, which is nice...I've been plenty happy with it.  I have the ability to get the...
  20. Carson k

    What is a Headphone Amplifier?

    I would like to know what a headphone amplifier is. I have checked other websites but the don't give a good description Cheers Carson
  21. zowki

    Portable DAC/Amp combos

    I'm trying to find an upgrade from my Fiio E10 DAC/amp. I love its form factor since I can bring it with my laptop anywhere. The only other similar product I can find is the Headamp Pico DAC/amp. Any recommendations? Volume knob is a must (rules out Fiio E17).
  22. kalkain

    Amp considerations for JH16

    Hi guys   My current set up is an iPod Touch 3G -> Predator -> Jh16 I just got a pay raise, and coupled with my accumulated savings, i was wondering if i should start looking around and trying out something new. I love my jh16's and predator to bits, but have become very very intrigued by...
  23. Doralikesmath

    Charger for RSA Predator

    Hi,   I recently bough a 2nd hand RSA Predator that came with no charger. Do you know what type of charger that can be used with my amp? Thank you a lot.   --------------------------------- I just asked Ray about this and got a price tag of $55 for the charger. I think it's simply not...
  24. LaurenceS

    RSA Predator or?????

    Hi all,   Just getting back into gear after a 30+ year hiatus.  I currently have a Samsung Series 7 Slate Tablet PC (model XE700T1a-a04us) running Windows 7 Pro.  I also have Sennheiser IE80 IEM's.  I predominately listen to music through spotify (highest quality (320kbps?) streaming...
  25. Vlooienuker

    Best DAC/Amp Combo with a Cowon J3 and Westone 3?

    Hi all.   I'm looking for a great DAC/Amp combo to pair up with my Cowon J3 and my W3's.   My budget is 700 USD...   I know the W3's are a low impedance phone but I really want to "make the most of them" and get the best sound possible. I dont want just a "slight" difference I want a...