1. S

    Elekit 8600 as Headphone amp: Making the good better

    Hi all, TLDR: Exploring modding the Elekit TU8600 to make it a better headphone amp. An Elekit 8600S (Lundahl) is on the way to me. My current gear is Oppo105 => Headamp GSX2 => Audeze LCD 3 and Abyss 1266 phi CC. The GSX2 is excellent and provides a nice preamp function for my Yaqin amp. It...
  2. No12345

    Headphone rec for a tu8600?

    Hi, I assembled a tu8600 several months ago. I’ve only been using t with my hd650. Previously all I had was a xcan v3, worked great and still going strong and it’s onto a third set of tubes now. I had some isine10 and am hugely impressed with it airiness and soundstage. So now I’m thinking...
  3. D

    Elekit TU-8200 Impressions

    Hello all, Just wanted to share my experience building the Elekit TU-8200 for use as a headphone AMP. My headphones used for the amp are 300 ohm HD800s Senns and 600 Ohm Beyers. I purchased the kit on sale from Tube Depot for 599. The kit arrived very well packaged and I got started on it...
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