1. headpfizer

    [Sold] ZMF Eikon Paduak

    Selling my pair of ZMF Eikon in Paduak. I am 2nd owner, having purchased some time ago from another user on head-fi. They are in excellent condition and have the leather pads. Pet and smoke free home. Included is carry case and ZMF balanced XLR cable 1.8m. Any questions please ask. Going on ebay...
  2. E

    SOLD! ZMF Eikons in Cherry Wood

    Hi! I'm the 3rd owner of a beautiful pair of ZMF Eikons in Cherry Wood. I bought it last August from the 2nd owner on Audiogon but never used it much. The headphones are in very good condition overall and have the Magnesium harness upgrade (250.00 extra when ordering). There are two small...
  3. shuto77

    WTB: ZMF headphones under $1000

    Hi, I'm looking to try out some ZMF headphones under $1,000. If you have one to sell, please provide some details (condition, accessories, type of wood, how long you've owned it, etc.) and a couple pictures. I've previously owned the Blackwood and the Ori and thought they were great. I...
  4. dunkyboy

    FS: ZMF Eikon in camphor - NOW SOLD

    These were bought direct from ZMF 2 years ago. Condition is excellent, no noticeable cosmetic blemishes, and they work perfectly and sound great! I’ve kept them on my desk in the office, safe and sound. Includes original 1/4” cable and indestructible Seahorse foam-padded carry case. Will ship...
  5. me2621a


    Hey guys, I am cleaning out my headphone collection. Today I have a like new ZMF Eikon, with the stock and upgraded cable, the drivers maybe have 3 hours on them, and they are in perfect condition. Check the photos, but you will see they are in great condition, and all items in the photos are...
  6. lemarsghast

    ZMF closed dynamic lineup vs Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the right area to ask, but I'm interested in hearing a detailed and direct comparison from people who have owned both the Ether C Flow 1.1s and 1 of (or more) the closed ZMF dynamics (Atticus, Eikon, Verite Closed). The reason I ask this is because I am unable...
  7. JohnIgel

    Sold: ZMF Eikon

    Pristine ZMF Eikon headphones in custom birds-eye maple. Lightly used. These headphones sound great and the birds-eye maple looks fabulous. $975 USD plus shipping.
  8. yyzpam


    Interested in purchasing something in great condition. Please let me know what you have, condition and pricing. I'm located in Canada. Verified via PayPal. Looking forward to seeing what's available.
  9. S


    Selling/trading my Eikon Padauk. It's my favorite headphone I've had, but I need an open-back headphone for my situation, unfortunately. They are in excellent condition and come with original cable, S3case and manufacturing date card. Here are some pics. Let me know if you would like more...
  10. mahesvara

    [Sold] ZMF Eikon excellent condition, upgraded cables and extra pads included

    For sale is my beloved ZMF Camphor wood Eikon, which I bought March 2018. It hasn't seen much head-time lately because I got into IEM and didn't want to go back to closed-back headphones. I've used the Eikon exclusively in my office and haven't been transporting it back and forth, so it's in...
  11. obiwanshinobi87

    FS: ZMF Headphones Eikon Padauk w/ Case and mini-XLR cable

    In perfect working condition, no damage or defects. Will ship with case and cable. Bought directly from Zach at ZMF Headphones in 2017. Will ship with USPS Priority Mail and insured.
  12. Malcolm Riverside

    SOLD: ZMF Eikon

    These were my “desert island” headphones for a long time I liked them so much, but I want to try some of ZMF’s newer open-back offerings and I gotta have space and money to make that happen, so these gotta go! They were purchased from a reputable head-fier in March 2018, and were built a little...
  13. cskippy

    SOLD: ZMF Eikon Camphor Burl LTD w Magnesium Hardware

    This is so incredibly hard to do as all of these pieces of gear have brought me joy time and time again. Unfortunately, recent medical bills necessitate the sale of most of my audio gear. I'll do my best to ship in a timely manner but a broken foot and no car means traveling is difficult...
  14. dmhenley

    FOUND - WTB: Looking for ZMF Eikon

    I am interested in buying a pair of ZMF Eikon. Thanks Darren
  15. Valens7

    ZMF Eikon in Padauk [SOLD]

    Here’s a ZMF Eikon in Padauk for sale. Although I'm unfamiliar with details of its prior ownership, it is my understanding that this is not a B-Stock unit. The padauk wood employed in the cups of this Eikon is a shade darker than other samples that I've seen. Although my own preference is for...
  16. almostaudio

    Let me please audition your ZMF Atticus or Eikon

    Hello all, So I'm in the market to purchase my first high end closed back cans. I'm dying to decide between ZMF Atticus and Eikon. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and unfortunately no stored here carry ZMF cans. The closest are in SoCal, a good 6hr drive for me. I know this is an odd...
  17. almostaudio

    Is it blasphemous to ask people for audition of their cans?

    Hello, I'm currently in the market to purchase one of ZMF's closed back cans but it is super hard to make a decision to spend >$1k without hearing them. Is it frowned upon to ask fellow head-fi'ers who has these cans for a listen? I live in San Francisco Bay Area and I'm guessing there are a...
  18. pure5152

    [SOLD] ZMF Eikon (Cherry)

    Selling a ZMF Eikon I purchased from a head-fier around four weeks ago. It's in the same great condition: pads and headband are in great shape, and there's only a small nick that it had when I received it (see link above or pictures below). Stock cable (terminated in 1/8") and original...
  19. The Judge

    FS: ZMF Eikon Camphor

    Very regrettably, I am selling my ZMF Eikons. This is the camphor version. I am the second owner but they have only been used for about 6-9 months between the original owner and myself. They are in very good condition but there is a very slight (less than .5 cm) scuff mark on the right cup...
  20. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD New Pair of ZMF Eikon Ear Pads SOLD

    For sale a brand new, never installed ZMF Eikon ear pads. Not the best pictures, but they are perfect. Yours for $50 and that covers shipping and fees.
  21. Àedhàn Cassiel

    ZMF Eikon in Cherry

    More pictures here. Looking for sale ($999+S/H), or trade value towards a Stax system or other electrostats at approximately $1k or so. Right now, I think I’m aiming for an L700.
  22. FireLion

    ZMF questions on Ori, Eikon, Atticus, Blackwood, Vibro.

    Hi All I am considering getting an Ori as I love T50RP based headphones. I would like to know from someone if you have listened to an Ori, Eikon and Atticus and how they compared? How does the Ori compare to Alpha Primes.? I am also interested in knowing how the Blackwood and Vibro are...
  23. TsKen

    ZMF Atticus Padauk + ZMF Suede Pads

    I need to gather some money to fund a recent ZMF Auteur purchase. I am the second owner of these headphones. I've had them for about 2 months with light usage. They are somewhat of a rarity since the Padauk wood is not in production anymore. You will only be able to get them during limited...
  24. RTF

    SOLD: ZMF Eikon Padauk w/ Auteur Pads

    SOLD Up for sale is a ZMF Eikon in Padauk. They are in VG condition, with no cosmetics on wooden cups or hardware. Some slight signs of wear on the leather headband. I'm not the original owner, I bought them off a fellow headfier a few months ago. They come with 3 sets of Pads: Ori, Eikon, and...
  25. junki

    SOLD: ZMF Suede/Vegan Eikon Pads

    I have a pair of ZMF's new vegan Eikon pads that's been sitting on my shelf for a long while now. They're new, never used, and in ZMF's branded wrapping paper. $55 shipped.