effect audio
  1. Transcendent Melody

    Cable recommendation for empire ear legend x?

    Hi all i am new to this head fi community and wanted to ask those with the legend x if there's any cable you would recommend to slightly tame the bass while pushing the vocals forward? I find the effect audio ares II cable nice but was wondering if there is any other cable that fits my so...
  2. EffectAudio

    【 Effect Audio 】- The Legacy Continues.. Leonidas II!

    Effect Audio announces the all-new ‘Heritage Series’ Flagship: “Leonidas II” Revolutionary unconventional new design fully utilizes industry first ‘Palladium-Plated Silver’ to create an unmatched superior listening experience. Effect Audio Headquarters, Singapore, 2018 – Effect Audio, a...
  3. Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)
  4. Thomasl

    A secret cable model of Effect Audio or a knock-off?

    I found there's a listing for Effect Audio 'Hades'. The 8 braided copper cable really interests me. But on Amazon the listing starts from 2014. If Effect Audio has ever made such model since 2014, why I can't search any posts talking about it? (Except the selling listings on eBay, Amazon, or...
  5. ostewart

    Ostewart's Multiple IEM Cable Review Thread

    This will be an ongoing project that will be updated with new cables as and when I get them. I know a lot of people don’t believe in cable differences, but I personally believe in cables making a small difference, there are also ergonomic benefits from aftermarket cables. Cables are about...