1. ironbut

    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    Hey, I know Craig had the parts to build 6 ZD's he introed at the So. Cal meet and he sold them all. And I DO know that he is still building some of them but, one of you guys must have one at home by now! So,.. fess up! Meet impressions are all well and good but, I'm saving all my penny's and...
  2. Blackmore

    EC Zana Deux tube rolling pls share

    I know about this thread http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/edd...owners-193868/, but its become to damn big to find what you may need, so I just start a new one. Hopefully people would make this thread very useful and will focusing on TUBE ROLLING only, if possible of course. My tubes so far...
  3. iim7V7IM7

    Tube amp for Sennheiser HD800s: deciding between some SE & balanced options

    Gear: DAC: Grace Design m903 Tube Amp: ? Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 Single Ended Candidates: DNA Sonett 2 Eddie Current Zana Deux SE Woo Audio WA2 Other? Balanced Candidates: DNA Stratus Eddie Current Super 7 Woo Audio WA22 Other? Amp Criteria: maximize bass performance, sonic...
  4. iim7V7IM7

    HD800 + $1,000-$2,500 Amp = Sonic Bliss?

    Hi,   I had an earlier post last week where I was asking about tube amps for an HD800.  But I have been thinking a bit more broadly about it and considering also solid state or hybrid amplifiers as well. The thought for a tube amp was because so many experienced HD800 users preferred them, and...
  5. iim7V7IM7

    Recommendations: Tube amp for HD800, <$2,000?

    Hi, I have heard the HD800s with my Grace Design m903 and i thought they sounded great (no reference to compare to). I overwhelmingly see Headfi participants recommend tube amps for the Sennheisers. If I wanted to just use it as a DAC and buy a tube amp for the HD800s what amps would recommend...
  6. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  7. Solude

    Eddie Current, question for owners...

    Apparently none of them lurking in the High End forum so...   If you had to choose an EC amp as the goto, good for most if not all cans, amp out of the ZDSE, 2A3 or S7... where would you land and why? I own the Audeze LCD-2/3 and Senn 800 for what its worth.
  8. JeffA

    Apex Peak/Volcano vs. Zana Deux

    Does anyone have experience comparing these two amps head to head? I'm considering pairing one of these amps with Sennheiser HD800 headphones.I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.
  9. Hun7er

    Amps recommandation for HE800

    Hello everybody,   I'm going to buy a Sennheiser HD800 and probably a Audeze LCD 2.   I want to know what amp can fit the best with HD800 and others cans like LCD 2, HE6.   I have read numerous topics and several amp win suffrage :   WA22 seems to be a bit too tubey sound DNA...
  10. Eddie Current Zana Deux SE

    Eddie Current Zana Deux SE

    The most talked-about line/headphone amplifier on the market, the Zana Deux is audio art, offering exceptional musicality and design. These amps are handcrafted and offered at an exceptional price point for American-made audio art, in both sound stage and appearance. The Zana Deux SE's Hi/ Lo...