1. ogodei

    SOLD: ECP Audio L2 Amplifier

    SOLD an ECP Audio L2 Amplifier, serial no. 14. The L2 is a parafeed “spud” amp, now out of production, still one of the best amps for the HD800, see links below. Balanced inputs only, SE output. Binary gain control (300 ohm Hi, 32 Low), chassis and power supply are separated for an...
  2. panseraph

    [Sold] ECP L2 Tube SS hybrid amplifier, price dropped to $1000

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is an ECP L2 amp in great working condition. I got it last year from another Headfier and didn't get much chance to use it since I use ECBA as my main. Asking for $old shipped to the USA. PayPal fee is on the buyer. NYC local pick up will receive a $50 discount. I can...
  3. tkam

    ecp Audio L-2

    ecp Audio L-2 amp for sale, this particular amp has cocobolo side panels with amorphous core input transformers and 50% permalloy output transformers.  It's one of the best amps I've heard and works extremely well with most any headphone.  Only selling this because I'm going for a Stax rig...
  4. JoeinLA

    Amp for HD 800 and TH 900?

    I have the Fostex TH 900 through a HeadRoom Desktop Amp (Max'ed), and am VERY happy with the combo.  Edit: with Desktop DAC combo.   I've heard the HD 800's and will be picking up a pair - not as a replacement to the TH 900, but a complement (the two sound too different to really put as a...
  5. ecp audio L-2 Parafeed Headphone Amplifier

    ecp audio L-2 Parafeed Headphone Amplifier

    The ecp audio L-2 is a single tube, parafeed, "spud" amplifier for dynamic headphones. The L-2 uses a single high-mu, high-Gm tube for both amplification and output power. The L-2 does not merely use up-to-date parts, it is a thoroughly modern tube circuit design based on the culmination of...