1. Radio_head

    ECP Audio - DSHA-1, L-2, Black Diamond

    When I got into this hobby (I've been lurking for quite a bit longer than I've been a member) I was looking for a way to enjoy my music even more than I already was.  In the years since, I've found ways to do that - headphones with oodles of resolution, amps with sound stage that goes on for...
  2. ecp audio DSHA-1 Solid State Headphone Amplifier

    ecp audio DSHA-1 Solid State Headphone Amplifier

    The DSHA-1 is a solid state headphone amp quite unlike any other amplifier on the market. The differential topology uses Lundahl amorphous core input transformers to provide passive noise-free voltage gain selectable to 6dB or 12dB. The novel MOSFET based output buffer couples to the headphones...