1. xaddictionx

    [Discuss] The Perfect Combination of Sound Signature

    Hi guys! Just to start an interesting and interactive topic. Do state the various combinations of sound signatures of different IEMs as to tune your own "perfect" signature! :) I will start the ball rolling! Lows (bass): The sub bass of Hippo VB Mids (vocals): Well positioned mids and vocals...
  2. Gasdoc

    Earsonics SM64 Impressions

    I received the SM64 last week while on vacation so I've only listened to them for a couple hours. Earsonics has just released information that future SM64s will have an impedance of 95 ohms which is less than the original units sold over the past month or two. I don't know which version I have...
  3. Foodworx

    Is the difference between the SM3 v2 and SM64 worth $70?

    I have the option of sending in my sm3 v2 for a replacement for free, or paying $70 for an upgrade to the sm64 at sound earphones.   thoughts?
  4. stan122289

    looking for iem under $500

    I usually listen to ost,jazz and classic, I will also listen to the pop like u2 as well, I would like the good treble and mid on the iem. I tried the sm64,w4r,um3x and thunk the most I like is the sm64 Do you have any above or other recommendations on the iems (source will be unamped j3)
  5. RustA

    Changed title: SM64, or EX1000, or RE272 for a Senns HD800 fanboy?

    I want to get as close to HD800's sound as possible... It's neutrality from the bottom to the top, separation, imaging and expansive soundstage with incredible width and depth. I understand that IEMs are different from full-size, of course, but there are IEMs that are offer the best in terms of...
  6. wingtsun

    What Are Your Goals When Putting Together A New Rig? (And do you still like music?)

    I put this here as my rig is mostly portable and this is maybe more relavent here..    My question is: "What are your goals when putting together a good portable rig?"   This hobby can confuse people and quickly muddy their goals. They go from newbies wanting to get a decent sounding rig...
  7. karistep

    If you have to keep only one...

    If you have to keep only one high grade universal iem... Tralucent 1plus2 Fitear togo 334 melody 3dd Jvc ha-fx800 Flat-4 sui Rhapsodio rdv+ v1 Akg k3003 Heir audio 5.0 Tdk ie800 T-peos h200 Earsonics sm64 Which one will you keep ?
  8. dqope21

    Former Westone 4 Owner looking for new IEM in similar price range

    I owned the W4's for about 2 years and just recently lost them sadly :(.  Now, I'm on the search for a new set of IEM's in that similar price range.  I found the W4's to be very pure but a bit boring. The sound was very balanced but I would prefer something more engaging and exciting this time...
  9. Mcarter3

    Replacement for my Westone 3's

    Thread has been relocated to Help and Recommendation section. Apologies      Been quite a while since I have been on the site. I have my dream setup for over ears and amp and have been very happy with my portable rig (Ipod 5 running rockbox and westone 3's) until the time I decide to try...
  10. malifact

    Lively IEM with Very Good Isolation

    I was hoping someone could recommend an IEM as per the title of the thread.  These are the factors that are important to me:   Isolation: This is the most important factor, as the IEMs would mostly be used for commuting and my train route is very noisy.  Something as close as possible to the...
  11. Sabsjl

    High mids - high end universal IEMs vs Custom IEMS

    Hi! I'm looking to get a pair of new IEMs around the price range of W40, Se535, Earsonics SM64. Was wondering what you guys think it's a better option for the price range of $500 +/-, universal or custom IEMs?
  12. darkinners

    IEM upgrade from Westone 4

    I just sold my Westone 4 and looking for upgrade. I have few targets in mind, Budget is under $1,600 But I don't NEED to spend 1,600 though, so any price range under my budget is ok. Universal Fit 1. Heir Audio 4Ai 2. Heir Audio IEM 5.0 3. EarSonic SM64 Custom Fit 1. JH13 Pro 2. Compact...
  13. Sound Eq

    which iem shall i buy with warm sig, full bass, smooth highs to work with chord hugo

    i never owned an expensive iem and recently i bought chord hugo   I love warm signature and deep bass and smooth mids and not shouty highs but to be detailed    I am considering the following:   1- senheiser ie800 2- earsonics sm64 3- heir 5 4- shure 846   which of those would be...
  14. Mors

    Upgrade from Senn IE8 - W40 or SM64?

    Hi, been quite a while since I've posted on these forums, I usually pop in when I want some new kit :s   I've had my IE8's for about 3yrs now, and have loved them, but they don't know seem as good as they used to, and the seal for me is getting worse and worse (I use foamies, I've used them in...
  15. AndroidVageta

    Best all-rounder for ~$300 new or used?

    So I'm looking to upgrade from my Altone200's as I'd like something with a little less simblance (I seriously had to tone down the high end on my equalizer to keep some notes and singers from "hissing") and more natural bass.    The Altone200's are pretty good equalized but they needed a good...
  16. NawiLlih

    UE Triple-Fi 10- Still worth buying?

    Hey all,   I have found myself in the market recently for a makeover of my current audio setup. As part of this, I'm looking to get some high-end IEMs. Currently, i am looking at the Earsonics SM64, Dita Answer or Sony H3.   However, I have noticed in my time on Head-Fi that the UE TF10 are...
  17. ratfluids

    How does the EarSonics SM64 compare to the Westone UM2?

    I love my UM2s and the sound sig in general is really enjoyable to me, but I've been reading about possible upgrades, and I find the SM64 looks really interesting.  Descriptions I read of the SM3 a while back made me really curious and these are apparently more well-loved.  However, some reviews...
  18. kemperkipie

    Requesting advice on mid-range to high-end IEM's

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so I probably lack some knowledge. Any advice or comments are welcome.   I'm looking for new In Ear Monitors. I use them for listening to music mainly. I currently own original Beats by Dre Tours. Which I guess most of you would discourage me for. I'm pretty...
  19. T

    Mobile Earphones/IEMs for AK100

    Hi guys, I'm looking for mobile earphones or iem's to wear on the street/transit with iRiver AK100, I know it can be a bit tricky as the player has 22 ohm on the way out. I picked a few iem's below, maybe someone tested some of them with ak100 and finds it working quite well with no sound...
  20. BEZMan

    Upgrade from TDK BA200 to Westone 4 / SM64?

    Hi All,   My favorite IEM right now is the TDK BA200 - this is really an awesome IEM and the one I like best by a good margin. I have / had others (HF5, A161P, Rockit R-50, Super 5, Monster Nergy, VModa Vibe, etc...), but the sound signature, quality and presentation of the TDK BA200 is the...
  21. h1a8

    SM3, SM64, UM3X, TDK iem questions.

    I miss my sm3 iems but I don't miss their veil. They were perfect in every way except that. So I sold them :-( I have a few questions: 1. Are there any amps or eq settings that get rid of the veil of the sm3 without taking anything away and without adding sibilance? 2. Is the sm64 the same sq...
  22. torchwood1203


    Lately I'm looking for a new IEM since I'm getting bored with my Westone 3. Originally I was about to pull the trigger on SM3 but then I saw that they just released the SM64, has anyone tried the SM64 and is it a huge improvement on SM3?
  23. abhijollyguy

    Yamaha EPH-100 vs Earsonics SM3 V2 vs Earsonics SM64

    Hello head-fi'ers,   I am currently looking for an upgrade to my EPH-100 but want the same quantity bass with better quality, tightness. Same amount of treble. I cannot stand before sibilance or harsh treble at all. Do not want recessed mids also. Want equal or better separation.   Don't...
  24. santhoshr

    Which IEM should I buy next among these...? ER4P/S...Triple.Fi...SM64/SM3 V2

    I have this strong curiosity to try new IEM among ER4P/S, Triple Fi 10, SM64 or SM3 V2. But I also worry about my existing collection make these new IEMs redundant or make it very inferior. My current IEMs includes Phonak PFE232, PFE012 with Grey/Black filters, Shure SE535, SE215, Klipsch X10...
  25. ethanw

    First full size cans for someone coming from IEM's: Heir 4.ai, UE900, SM64 $300

         OK, so I think I want to give some full size cans a try.  But here's the thing.  My main source will be an iPod Classic 7th gen.  I do have a Fiio E11, but nothing better for an amp.  I like a large spacious soundstage, and on the warm/bassy side of neutral.  Not too much extra bass, but...