1. Sludig

    Alternative to SM3 with more extended(not piercing) highs?

    I love Earsonics SM3, but after listening LCD-2 I found they have similar sound signature but LCD-2 has more extended highs (and many other improvements of course). I´d like to find a IEMs or CIEMs which has this sound signature but more extended highs. I don´t like piercing highs or sibilant...
  2. ken6217

    Amp for Earsonics SM3, Otofon EQ&, Sony EX1000

    Hi, I am looking for a very good portable amp for Earsonics SM3, Otofon, EQ7, and Sony EX1000.   Thanks in advance, Ken
  3. EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

    EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

    -The SM3 pushes further the limits already infected with SM2 on universal in-ears. More ventilation and a wider sound image, with more tense low frequencies and treble with incredible finesse. All this with the strict neutrality faithful to EarSonics. spécifications: Sensibilité: 122 dB/mW...