1. MaoDi

    Phiaton PS200 Review & Impressions

    Introduction Phiaton, a brand new company that branched from Cresyn Audio introduced itself to our Industry last year, is a stylish, quality manufacturer that focuses on insane-looking products and superior sound quality. Here with us today is the Phiaton Primal Series 200 Earphones which house...
  2. Kvakac

    Earsonics SM3 fall apart

    Hey guys, Something really unfortunate happened to me today. One of the phones just fell apart at the spot where the two parts were glued together. I've noticed there's a small crack there a while ago, but I didn't think they'll fall apart. Do you think I should send it back for repair, or...
  3. TheDreamthinker

    iem for relaxing (sq-wise)

    Hi,   As i am a relatively dreamy person, i am looking for an iem which has a relaxed (not recessed) sound. I'll use it for going to sleep, in the bus or at home.   It should have a focus on mid-range and vocals (not over-emphasized though). Folk, Easy listening, Jack Johnson...
  4. Zinte

    Westone UM2 (replaceable cable) or Earsonics SM2?

    Hi guys, having a big problem deciding between the two. I'm considering getting the Earsonics SM2 because I heard that it sounds fantastic, and probably sounds better than the UM2 (I have only auditioned the UM2, loved the sound).   Question is, how important is having a replaceable cable...
  5. jackzheng

    New Earphones

    Hello Head-fi community.   I plan to get a new earphone, as my old one broke. I have BeatsbyDre Studio and Westone 3, but I feel these are too expensive to bring outside. I go to school and plan lots of sports, thus I plan to get a durable with a great sound one.   I was looking at...
  6. tr1dent

    Earphones: 1) Comfort 2) Noise-cancelling [Budget: $100]

    I'm looking for earphones with the following priorities, respectively (#1 being the highest priority):   1. Comfort 2. Noise-cancelling ability   I don't mind much about sound quality at all. I have separate cans for that.   I can adjust my budget, but I'd prefer not spending more...
  7. sirpaul896

    Quality IEMs with removable cord. Budget of $200.

    I have been cycling through at least 2 pairs of headphones a year now - the cable never seems to last too long with how often I use them (several hours each day). I have done a lot of research on IEMs and it seems that as soon as I found one I like, I discover something bad about them (bad...
  8. mudcakez

    Need new earphones.

    Hi guys. I'm pretty noob at all this stuff and was searching google for advice and came by this site. I would like to ask you guys what in ears you would recommend for the $100-200 price range. I'm not really sure on genres but I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift and electronic, metal and various...
  9. sno1man

    Shure E500 PTH- new in box worth $225?

    I lost my Shure E4c's recently and now I have an opportunity to buy a set of Shure E500.   I know they are a few years old, but these are still sealed in the box. The question is if the new 535 are worth twice the price.   Will be used unamped with an ipad and nano 5g.   Opinions?
  10. shotgunshane

    Shure mids or similar (SM2, UM2, etc)

    I own a set of SoundMagic PL30's which I enjoy for their budget performance and great comfort and using doing yard work.  I recently acquired a pair of Shure E2c's from a friend.  I really love the midrange on these.  Zakk Wylde's guitars sound better than ever on them.  Bass is a little on the...
  11. shigzeo

    [Review] Sensaphonics j-phonics - the BEST professional universal stage ear monitor yet

    The following is a paraphrase of my full j-phonics review at TouchMyApps.   What is it?   Sensaphonics Japan have put together a winning package. I've been a fan of the Prophonics 2X-s for a year or so, but I'll be the first to admit that it could improve in one basic area: treble...
  12. Aivc

    SM2 broke apart, need sugestions.

    HEy ! New to headfi here :) I just bought the TMA-1's and a pair of ER4P after using the SM2 for 6 months. I was thinking of selling them here on Headfi, but when i reached to grab them, the left earphone broke apart. It could be fixeable with a bit of glue. Question is, should I try and...
  13. SkippyMcHaggis

    IEM advice: $100-250 similar to Shure e4c

    I have been out of the IEM shopping loop for a few years (since the launch of the e4c) and need to find something similar for my wife, as well as replace my aging e4c's.   There are so many more IEM's on the market that I am feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  it used to be...
  14. edvardd

    250 $ IEM for a musical experience

    I am looking for an IEM that is slightly warm, rich midrage and enjoyable to listen too. Second is detail and separation, as Im a musician and I like to discern different instruments in order to play them by ear. Total balance and neutrality is not a requirement, but a slight coloration is fine...
  15. xer0x

    Earsonics SM2 or Monster Turbine Pro Gold or Westone 2? Or ortofon e-Q7?

    Trying to decide between one of the first three so I can get them for Cyber Monday prices - opinions? Or should I hold out and save up for the e-Q7s? I own the audio-technica CK70Pros and am looking for something with a little more bass and a richer sound overall, just to rotate with.   ...
  16. CareyPrice31

    What are the best IEM's under $350USD?

    I am looking for a very high-end pair of IEM's.   I listen to techno, dance, trance, R&B, Rap.   Can you guys list all of the best IEM's in order of which are better.   What are some good websites to buy them off of (I'm in Canada).
  17. Jmstrmbn

    Ipod 5g > FLAC > Earsonics SM2 What should i improve upon next?

     Hi as the title says im not sure what direction to head in next, im really happy with the SM2s so i won't be purchasing new phones anytime soon.  My general plan is to buy a total bithead within the next few months and then save to get the ipod imoded.  Is this a sound plan or should i go a...
  18. Zeo


    Dear all, Being a music addict, I'm very interested in in-ear monitors. Everything started with sennheiser IE and CX series, moving to Westone ES2, and some UE. Well, I think that a brand is higly missing in all your comparative : Earsonics. Not to be rude, but the earsonic touch...
  19. MaoDi

    Earsonics Sm2 DLX (vs/ Westone Um2, Um3X, PS200) UPDATED REVIEW

    Earsonics SM2 DLX Review Earsonics kindly sent me a Earsonics SM2 DLX for review, so here it is =) Introduction Earsonics from France, founded in December 2004. Has been creating Single, Dual, and Triple Driver Customs ever since. Being extremely popular to musicians and artists...
  20. meurglys0

    Earsonics SM2 vs Audio Technica CK10... How do they compare?

    Well, it turns out I will have to buy CK10 for about 250 $... Now that I have elevated to that price range, I may as well consider SM2. How do they compare?    Two things that worry me about CK10 are: the treble might be disturbingly bright and some people complained about the hardness of...
  21. planx

    Sleek Audio SA7 Impressions, and Discussion Thread!

    Well browsing my Facebook, I just noticed that Sleek made a status about their new SA7 which has been rumored for QUITE some time now. Here it is, hopefully no one else posted before me. After owning the SA6, I hope Sleek fixed some of the minor flaws associated with the VQ Tuning system. O...
  22. Andy Oh

    GR07 vs Sm2

    Hi, my name is Andy I want to hear your opinion about Gr07 and sm2 . I don't really much know about earphones . So, I want to hear recommend earphones under $180 dollars and this is my personal question Do you think buy new earphone is better or just buy used earphones?   Thank you...
  23. EarSonics SM2

    EarSonics SM2

    EarSonics SM2 are the universal in-ears you need. Thanks to their ergonomic cushions, they provide instant and easy fit to all kind of ears. Their technology is inherited from our EM series, and allows them to attain an audio quality never reached before with universals. EarSonics' "high...