1. flinkenick

    EarSonics' two flagships: the universal S-EM9, and new custom EM10.

    EarSonics has launched their new flagship universal iem, the S-EM9 - their 8th universal model.      Specs: 9BA drivers (1 low, 4 mid, 4 high) 3-way passive crossover 38,5 ohm impedance 5-20khz freq response   price: 1490 euro/dollar
  2. Earsonics - S-EM9 in-ear Earphones

    Earsonics - S-EM9 in-ear Earphones

    Building on the S-EM6 success, Earsonics decided to continue this great adventure and enlarge the S-EM family. The new proprietary drivers and knowledge gained through EM32 and Velvet development have opened a new path ; An acrylic earphone, handmade, integrating all Earsonics' latest advances...