1. jacobweber

    Looking for less breakable EarPods alternative WITHOUT sealing

    I'm looking for a good alternative to Apple EarPods. I like everything about the EarPods except the fact that with every pair I've owned, one ear loses its connection after a few months. (I tend to keep them in my pocket, so they do get a bit of wear and tear). So either something more reliable...
  2. deco cat

    Best earbuds with "earpods" form factor.

    I'm searching something very comfortable that firmly grips my ears but also good sounding. I've found this MEMT T5, are they valid or there are best alternatives? Thanks.
  3. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Apple AirPods In Box (1st Gen.)

    These have little usage and are very clean, work perfect! Comes complete in the factory box Price includes free USA shipping Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee! I'll email you an invoice to pay securely online using any credit or debit card via Square.com (I have temporary free...
  4. T

    Earpod form factor comparison/reccomendations?

    I've gone through four pairs of earbuds this year: 2 Apple Earpods, an MEE Audio M6, and a cheap pair of bluetooth Altec Lansings. I love the earpod form factor more than any IEM I've tried, and sound quality is not a huge dealbreaker for me as I will be using these for commuting or working out...