1. 64Audio

    64 Audio – Free Custom Earplugs

    Hello Head-Fi Family! Did you know May is Better Hearing and Speech Month? We're offering free custom earplugs with the purchase of select in-ear monitors for the entire month. Receive free custom earplugs when you order an A4t, A6t, N8, A12t or A18t. Or 50% off a set of custom earplugs when...
  2. JustASnack


    What earplugs do y'all use for going to concerts and such? I spent a long time using the Flare Isolates however I just bought some Rooth C&P earplugs from Massdrop on a whim and I'm amazed at how better they are at maintaining the world's EQ whilst attennuating to crazy good levels! I haven't...
  3. Gentle Pro

    Big help needed finding "non in-ear earbuds" for gaming, movies and music

    Hello everybody, I believe that my request is a bit unorthodox, but here's where I'm coming from: I consume a lot of media everyday, mostly games and movies/series with some music every now and then. The problem I have is that headphones/headsets and in-ear earplugs will simply hurt my ears...