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    Earmen Sparrow 2.5mm Connection issue

    Hi all. I’m new to Head-fi and I’m disappointed to say my first post is a problem I have! I have just took delivery of my Mest Mk2 IEM’s. I already own the Mest Mk1 and love those but I’m slightly disappointed with the fit, hence buying the Mest 2. When connecting the Mest Mk2 to my Earmen...
  2. EarMen Sparrow USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    EarMen Sparrow USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    EarMen is a company registered in in the US, where most of its stakeholders are located – and from where they focus on the North American market. EarMen are a subdivision of premium audio gear producer Auris Audio. The production is in Krusavec, Serbia [video of production facilities]: Made in...
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    Portable upgrade from dragonfly red

    Hello, I'm want to uprage my current setup , I'm listening from my laptop through dragonfly red and my headphones are Audioquest nightowl carbon. I've found some interesting products - now I'm leaning towards Earmen Sparrow .It's even smaller than DFR but has the balanced output and according...
  4. Miroslav EarMen

    EarMen Sparrow

    EarMen Sparrow High-performance Pocket-friendly USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp, compatible with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices High End Partnership In cooperation with Auris Audio, well known European High End company, EarMen designs a Sparrow, High quality DAC and amp, with...
  5. EarMen Sparrow

    EarMen Sparrow

    DAC: Sabre ES9281PRO Input: USB-C Outputs: 3.5 mm (single-ended) 2.5 mm (balanced) Signal level: Single-ended: 1.4 V @ 32 Ohm , 2 V @ 600 Ohm Balanced: 2 V @ 32 Ohm , 4 V @ 600 Ohm Formats support: PCM up to 384 kHz DSD up to DSD128 DoP MQA rendering up to 384 kHz