1. wormsdriver

    $OLD! EARMAX made by Brocksieper (excellent tube amp for HD6XX series)

    Original Earmax in good condition. This amp is for higher impedance headphones and was made with the HD600 series in mind. Excellent synergy, excellent tube amp for the hd6XX. It comes with the tubes (Telefunken and Sylvania) known for the best sound for this little gem. $159 plus actual...
  2. EDP

    Amp recommendation for computer music listening

    Hi!   I want to buy a starter's headphone amp for hooking up with my PC.   I'd like it to be a DAC and headphone amp in one. I prefer an optical in, so I can hook it up to my sound card and have the gaming sound technologies of the sound card available through the amp (is this true? I...
  3. realmassy

    Earmax vs Earmax Pro

    Hello, I just got a used Earmax (?) but I'm not entirely sure this is the pro version or the standard one. As far as I understand the pro uses ECC88 tubes, while the standard uses the ECC86. The amp came with a pair of ECC88 and a pair Mullard ECC86. On the amp there's no "Earmax Pro"...
  4. Rhett_Butler

    Earmax Silver Edition

    Hi guys I just got my Earmax Silver Edition yesterday. Although it sounds great I'm surprised that I have to turn the amp all the way up just to get enough volume as well as my DAC, any insights?   The audio chain is as follows   PC> Wyred4Sound DAC-2> Earmax Silver > Grado PS-1000  ...
  5. cappellano

    Earmax Silver, anyone?

    Dears,   I haven't fine any recent discussione about the earmax silver.    So, is there someone who is currently using it? How it stand compared to the current production headphone amps?   Thanks for the attention,   Marco
  6. Philski

    Earmax Silver vs Raptor vs WA6E

    Suffering a very bad case of upgraditis right now, and I'm mulling my last purchase for a while. I'm powering my K701s with a LD MK IV SE right now and I'm very happy, although I'm worrying that they might still be underpowered. Sooo... from an extensive search through the forums, I'm...
  7. Mescalamba

    HD 650 - which amp is best for 1000 USD (no DIY)

    First, if there are any users with "stock" HD 650, I would be happy to read which AMPs sounded best for you (and why, if you remember ). Second.. there is small list of amps, can someone point which one is most suitable for HD 650? (Im looking for less bass then default HD 650 and more of...
  8. Tidal

    MDR-SA5000 with Earmax SE - do they go well ?

    I'd like to ask whether SA5000 suit the Earmax SE well or not. I listen to classical music and expect that this combo should have mellow treble with some bass extension. (You know, SA5000 with a false amplification or without any amplification have fatiguing treble and fast bass decay. )  ...