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  1. T

    Quality headphones that don't shread. Is there such a thing.

    I got two sets of mid-level headphones, $200.00 to $300.00. And the ear pads and the headbands of both are peeling so badly that they leave pieces of the fake leather covering on my ears and in my hair. I know the earpads can be replaced. but not the headbands. Therefore... are there headphones...
  2. R

    Ear Pads to Ziumier z66 Over Ear Pads

    I have had the constant doubt if all the ear pads of the headphones are generic, in the sense that they all fit in any headset, I am looking for some to replace my ziumier z66 and searched on reddit and on other platforms, from Question by question arriving here, I hope you can answer my...
  3. A

    Cleaning ZMF Cowhide Ear Pads

    Hello fellow audio lovers I recently bought a used set of Audio-Technica's ATH-M40X with ZMF cowhide ear pads included. I was just wondering if there is any special cleaning I should take into account before I dive right in. If you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. George Rainone

    AKG K712 cooler ear pad?

    Has anyone tried alternate pads for the K712 that are cooler that the stock ones? These things make me sweat after 10 minuets of use. I've seen plenty of 3rd party replacements floating around but I want the opinion of someone who's tried some.
  5. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio - Expanded “Choice” Selection

    Dear Dekoni fans, did you find our universal Nuggets to have a curiously soft and smooth leather? Have your heard reviews from the thousands of happy Sony WH1000XM2 and WH1000XM3 owners who upgraded to Choice Suede pads? Well, we of Dekoni Audio have heard your praise and preferences, your...
  6. N

    Ear pads for Audio Technica A550Z

    Just got these new headphones, looking for ear pads that better for the ears than the stock pads. I like ear pads like the ZMF Suede ear pads that I got for my HE-400i's. Looking for a cheaper option.
  7. G

    Beyerdynamic DTX 800 Earpads

    Hi all, I just bought a pre-owned DTX 800. I searched the internet for any info but there's not much info. I have a question regarding the headphone's earpads: Does the DTX 910 similar in terms of construction and size? Would the similar earpad fits? If anyone have some idea or info please let...
  8. A

    Sennheiser earpads

    I have pxc550 and hd4.40bt Storage with sillica gel and always clean after use. 7 month and hd4.40 give sign pleather earpads have freckle and going to crack soon. My question is. The earpads is include in warranty 2 years from sennheiser or not ? Anyone know the replacment earpad for hd4.40...
  9. Zenrap518

    My Pleather earpads have a mildew smell after cleaning them. Any way to remove?

    I recently cleaned my Meze 99 Classics, on which i switched out the pads to the PSB M4U 1 pads. I used a wet cloth to clean the headphones and the pads, while still attached to the headphones. After that, i (stupidly) put them in the case and left it there for a couple of days. When i used them...
  10. C

    Openback headphones preference

    Im looking to to a pair of open back headphones UR40 , Superlux HD668B , Behringer HPX2000 , Sony and Sennheiser HD 4.20 Which one do you prefer
  11. N

    Looking for ear pads replacement for AKG 550 Gen 1

    Hi people I am looking for ear pads replacement for my AKG 550 Gen 1 as the ear pads have completely lost all the leather on the outside. Right now I have found two possible replacements the Brainwavs XL large and the Senitek Ear Pads. I am wondering which are better also if you guys have other...
  12. S

    Looking for ear pad advice for DT770

    Looking for advice on ear pads for my new DT770 Pro 32 ohm. The 32 ohm models come with some thin uncomfortable pads so I purchased the Beyer gray velour pads separately (the ones that come standard on the 80/250 ohm models). Unfortunately, they still don't feel as good as the stock memory foam...
  13. Wonigox

    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Maintenance

    I just got a pair of 2nd hand Momentum 2.0s from my friend who barely used them and they are in great quality. I've had experience with previous headphones (Urbanite XLs and more obscure ones) that managed to somehow get damaged so I'm thinking of properly treating my Momentum 2.0s. Feeling...
  14. SikkNazty

    Dekoni Elite Velour Ear Pads for Beyerdynamic DT/T (Review)

    Successfully got the Elite Velours onto my DT1770 Pro's. It took a good 45-60 min to get both ear-pads on because of the stitching around the velour lip that is supposed to slide into the ridge surrounding the ear-cups. It's quite a tight fit, but using a credit card or cardboard/cardstock of...
  15. MajalGuy

    Looking for a ATH-M50X replacement ear-pads recommendation

    Hello, As the title reads, I've been thinking about buying an ear pad replacement for my ath-m50x headphones. I am looking for something that is both more comfortable (the original ones give me a bit of an headache, they squeeze a tad too tight), without compromising on the sound quality and...
  16. T

    Genuine leather replacement for Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

    Recently got a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC and the audio quality is good but my ears get very hot after half an hour or so. I am thinking I can get a more comfortable experience with replacement ear pads. Sennheiser confirmed the out of the box earpads are made of leatherette and recommended...
  17. D

    Sennheiser hd 215 ear pads

    Hey guys im new to this forum I need a help with my sennheiser hd 215 model headphones The earpads which came along with it is damaged so i want to replace it with a new one i searched in aliexpress for this model but couldnt find one I need some ear pad which is more comfortable that stock...