1. iBasso AMP12

    iBasso AMP12

    AMP12 brings a fully discrete balanced circuitry to the DX300 with its dedicated 4.4mm headphone and 4.4mm line-out ports. It offers an ultra-powerful output with a maximum output voltage of up to 8.3V and low distortion ratings of -113dB. AMP12 has every characteristic of a powerful Class A...
  2. ehjie

    New Successor to DX300 DX240

    It is without a doubt, the DX-160 has reached legendary status for the ultimate sound quality in a very affordable price. However, like any other device, it had its share of hiccups particularly wireless connections. Hence, a new mid tier device is expected from a lot of users... The other...
  3. MoonAudio

    iBasso DX300 DAP Music Player - Available for PREORDER - ETA 1/18

    iBasso Audio DX300 Music Player $1,249.00 USD Preorder Now Expected Jan 19, 2021 Learn More: https://www.moon-audio.com/ibasso-audio-dx300-music-player.html The DX300 DAP from iBasso Audio will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform with 6 GB of RAM and 64GB of storage...
  4. Paul - iBasso

    iBasso DX300 Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa-core 6GB RAM ******NEW Firmware 2.00 Android 11******

    Thank you to Musicday for letting me take over this first post that he started. With the help of member bluestorm1992 iBasso Audio DX300 high end portable music player. The Manual can be downloaded from our site for the DX300. There is a download arrow on the 1st page of the DX300 screen for...