1. jon parker

    [SOLD] iBasso DX 200 Reference DAP

    Selling my 9 month old DX 200 due to upgrade Comes with 'Amp 5' For me, one of the best sounding Amps. 256 Micro Sd Card is also included. Superb sounding DAP that is a little let down by a relatively low battery life. Not a bad trade off though when you hear the sound quality! Any questions...
  2. kubig123

    Sold: iBasso Amp4s - New

    For sale a iBasso AMP4s. It comes with all the accessories and box it came in. it's in new condition. Selling it for $145, free shipping (Continental US only)
  3. NaittsirK

    Ibasso Amp9 SOLD

    I have an Amp9 for sale. I have bought it this February new from Audio Heaven store in Poland. It's just been burned in , about 100hrs of use. I want to buy the Amp8ex as it will fit my already warmer sounding iems. Cheers
  4. varlik

    iBasso DX200 Stuck into Loader Mode Problem While Firmware Loading

    Hello everyone. I have an ibasso DX200. I used FactoryTool v_1.39 to install Lucker's DX200 firmware (Version 2.10.215). After installation on Factory Tool software, i couldn't start my device any way. Factory tool loading (download) firmware again and again... Downloading.. checking.. try to...
  5. hk29

    SOLD ibasso AMP9

    I have an iBasso AMP9 for sale. Its in great condition - no audio issues and physically looks to me pretty new, but i'm sure it has some small scratches if you look closely. It has probably less than 200 hours on it. I used it on my DX200 and it sounds great - and love the glow of the nutubes...
  6. toucan79

    iBasso DX200 AMP1 + AMP4S [SOLD]

    iBasso DX200 with original AMP1 and AMP4S. Comes with everything shown in the pictures. It's in excellent condition with about a year of light usage . The original screen protector is still on and shows a few signs of wear, but the glass underneath has never been exposed. Does not come with...
  7. kalo86

    [SOLD] iBasso AMP8 like new (30 hours usage)

    Hello All, I am selling a like-new unit of the iBasso AMP8 module with its balanced output 4.4mm Pentaconn jack. The product has less than 2 months of life! It's really new. No issues, no scratches, no problems. The product is still covered by Amazon guarantee. Price: 150 Euro with free...
  8. pfurey89

    FS — iBasso DX200 w/ Amp1 + Amp4s

    iBasso DX200 w/ Amp1 + Amp4s and original boxes, etc. See feedback and buy with confidence. In great used condition, no real issues. The leather case is slightly patina'd, but the DX200 itself has seen life almost exclusively in the case so it's in great shape. No scratches on the screen and...
  9. honeyjjack

    Dx200 with amp 4

    Selling my dx200 with amp 4 Price is 700usd and taking offers. Also for sale is my labkable titans for 1600usd. Also taking offers.
  10. iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9 - New Amp card module for the DX portable series, DX220, DX150 and DX200 High Current Output Vacuum Nuntube AMP card for iBasso DX220, DX200, DX150 Portable players - 6th Gen Nutube Tubes by Korg & Noritake
  11. Matpar

    (SOLD) DAP iBasso DX200+AMP1 (and AMP3)

    Recently bought from a fellow user here on Head-Fi, after some dedicated listening, I've just decided I need something less "reference" and a bit more couloured, I fear :) DAP itself is very well kept (picture are even too sharp and detailed, most of "dots" you see are actually a bit of dust...
  12. wmedrz

    [FS] iBasso DX200

    Letting go of my DX200 due to time restrictions with listening. The player became fantastic after the latest Android update earlier this year. Player is in great shape with no issues. I am including a Miter case and all accessories that came with. Asking: $580 PP fee and US shipping free -...
  13. Benz-Fi

    iBasso DX200 Player - New - SOLD

    For sale is my brand new replacement iBasso dx200 portable android player, while it was being sent I bought another one and now this one is extra. Its brand new, never used but does not come with box nor accessories (as it is a replacement), has the original screen wrapper still on. Asking $00...
  14. neogeosnk

    SOLD: iBasso DX200

    iBasso DX 200 - Mint almost new with Amp 5 & stock Amp 3, 3 cases. No trades, free shipping and ppl fees included conus only.
  15. Sound~Patriot

    iBasso DX200 incl. Amp1/Amp3/Amp4s

    I'm selling my ibasso DX200 including all original accessories +Amp3 and Amp4s ! Minor traces of usage on the screen protector. Newest firmware (Oreo). Original invoice included. Purchased it on January 2018. Only within Europe DHL within Germany included. Otherwise + 10 € to other EU...
  16. Jackpot77

    Ibasso DX200 with Amp 2 / Amp 8 plus extra case

    Ibasso DX200 with amp modules 2 and 8 and extra case. In great condition with original box and accessories - second owner. Amp 8 - £100 DX200 / amp 2 - £375 Combo - £450 (preferred option) Price includes PayPal and shipping to UK. Shipping to EU add £10, further afield add £15. Pics will be...
  17. AEIOU9

    SOLD: iBasso AMP 4S + Miter for DX150/DX200/DX220 & DX220 AMP Backplates

    For sale is an iBasso AMP4S, black Miter case and some extra amp backplates to match your DX220. I am not interested in trades so please don't offer them, cash only. See the bullets below for the price per item (including shipping & PayPal fees): AMP 4S: $150 USD Miter Case: $30 USD 2 Extra...
  18. chungjun

    SOLD - AMP8 with Whitigir Mod | iBasso AMP 8 | AMP8w

    SOLD! THANKS HEADFI For sale:- 1 x AMP8 module | AMP8w | iBasso (RARE with Whitigir mod / upgrade components applied. #notoff-the-shelfAMP8) Full working condition. Price does not include shipping and PayPal. Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. For more info about...
  19. R

    SOLD - iBasso DX200 - Amp1 + Amp8 Blackgate modded, 1/2 year old

    iBasso DX200 - AMp1 + Amp8 modded with Blackgate Caps 1/2 years old, tiny scratch. USD 525.- Only used at home. Includes original box and all accessories/documentation from DX200, Amp1 + Amp8 in the DX200 box, as seen in the picture. Tiny scratch, see picture 2. Pick-up in zürich...
  20. Gayron

    iBasso DX200 + AMP8

    Great condition, full package. As a bonus I will add a short USB-cable to connect to laptops. Factory screen protector still on. Used carefully and mainly indoors as a DAC with my laptop. No splitting the DAP and the additional amp. AMP8 is a great (best) amp and it turns the DX200 into a...
  21. KEV G

    For sale Ibasso DX200Ti + Amp8 SOLD

    Reluctantly selling my DX200Ti, raising funds to rebuild my Honda Fireblade so it’s time for someone else to care for this iconic DAP. I’ve tried the likes of Sony’s WM1Z, A&K SP1000, Cayin N8 and this player can stand shoulder to shoulder with these TOTL DAPs. I know it can as I’ve tried them...
  22. DrummerLeo

    FS: DX200+amp 3 & amp8

    DX200 in great condition, come with AMP3, AMP8, Leather Case, Type C cable, NO BOX. There is an occasional ghost touch issue, which is a common issue of many dx200. It doesn't affect the sound and working life. I have asked help from iBasso, and I also purchased and replaced a new screen from...
  23. aaf evo

    [WTB] - iBasso AMP4

    Looking for the original AMP4 (not 4s), PM me if you have one for sale.
  24. fuhransahis

    iBasso DX200

    Hi! Selling my DX200 for $450, includes original Amp 1, all original accessories but missing parts of the outer box. Will of course be packaged securely. Currently loaded is the latest firmware along with the Fidelizer Advanced Purist ROM ($95 value at the time, other versions of this ROM...
  25. KEV G

    DX200/Amp3 SOLD

    Selling my DX200, recently bought the Ti version and this is no longer getting the use it deserves. Recently had a new battery fitted by Ibasso and a general health check. It’s running the latest Oreo firmware and is in mint condition. I’ve been using a Valentium case with it so the original...