1. varlik

    iBasso DX200 Stuck into Loader Mode Problem While Firmware Loading

    Hello everyone. I have an ibasso DX200. I used FactoryTool v_1.39 to install Lucker's DX200 firmware (Version 2.10.215). After installation on Factory Tool software, i couldn't start my device any way. Factory tool loading (download) firmware again and again... Downloading.. checking.. try to...
  2. iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9 - New Amp card module for the DX portable series, DX220, DX150 and DX200 High Current Output Vacuum Nuntube AMP card for iBasso DX220, DX200, DX150 Portable players - 6th Gen Nutube Tubes by Korg & Noritake
  3. ceeloChamp

    DX200 Digital Filters??

    Anyone have any more information about what sound characteristics each of these have?
  4. ceeloChamp

    DX200 One Ear Crackling...Should I be Worried?

    Hey All, One ear of my DX200s is constantly crackling when a song is playing, but on a quiet part of the song. Sometimes there is even a high pop in the same here. This crackling is WAAAY more pronounced when using the 2.5mm on Amp1. I tried cleaning my cables to no avail. Anyone else dealt...
  5. ceeloChamp

    DX200 vs X7ii vs Opus #2 vs ZX2

    Hey all! I have 0 opportunity to try any of these DAPs near me so I need to lean on all of your wisdom. I am trying to get a kickass portable setup for around $1000 and my finalists are: Ibasso dx200, opus #2, Sony ZX2, and Fiio x7ii. The reason there is no Astell Kern here is because you...