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  2. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed)-Part 2

    Hi guys,   I am DUNU engineer Andy. Here is More information to share with you.   Top-Sound DN16 VS IE7 (Round 2) review event is start!!          DN-16 first review event is coming to the end. I appreciate forum’s friend support and participate very much.        Except...
  3. DUNU-Topsound

    Win a pair of DUNU DN-16 Hephaes for free

      Hi guys,   For time saving, we draw it without filming a video. This time the lucky winners are   Chris      Pickett George  Corbus Jeff        Wang Mark      Midura Steven  Klimasewski   Congratulations for winning a pair of Hephaes   Just like last time, winners please...
  4. mark2410

    DUNU Hephaes (DN-16) Review

      DUNU Hephaes (DN-16) Review   Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impressions:  Physically they really look like the Radiopaq Jazz’s but with some colour.  Pulling them out of the box I must say I’m impressed with the cable.  It feels super nice and it comes with a...
  5. rockywu0204

    DUNU "To bid or not to bid" , Bid DUNU DN-16 Hephaes and share in FB to win DN-12 !!! Last to bid event.

    To bid or not to bid”. DUNU new event.   DUNU DN-16 Hephaes Bid link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180884699207     To bid or not to bid, that’s the question. Brand new event for DUNU fans still not get one or who want to get a new pair. Now DUNU fans will have two...
  6. PMAP

    Dunu DN-16 Hephaes - Titanium shells, bright red - worldwide

    Extremely sturdy earphones (real titanium shells according to the manufacturer) with shiny dark red fire motif. Really stylish - they actually look great IRL, like small jewels, most photos don't really do them justice. I usually prefer dark simple design, but surprisingly I like these.  ...
  7. BoredAndrew

    DN-16 Hephaes Pictures + Thoughts

    Thoughts on DUNU:      On first opening the DN -16 box, you could tell, this was a good kick out of the 100 bucks. The earphones and a leather case/pouch is held in a furry-smooth topped plastic case, that makes the earphones and leather pouch looking flawless. After taking out the plastic...
  8. Gatepc

    DUNU Hephaes DN-16 (Brand New, Unopened!)

    These are the DUNU DN-16 Hephaes and they are Brand NEW! Still in packaging. I'm selling them for $60 this includes shipping and paypal fees to anywhere CONUS. These Retail for $100 new so I think $60 is a fair price considering free shipping on your part with no paypal fees to worry about, on...
  9. sanakaku

    Dunu Hephaes DN-16 almost a give away. shipping is included with that price

    Honest to goodness flat-out in minty stellar condition.     I'm supposed to use it as my back-up iem for transportation but its just not my cup of tea. just tested it out of the box its pretty much in mint condition,    It will come with the box, card, small bag, all eartips , etc etc...
  10. kckc

    Dunu Hephaes DN-16

    I have a pair of Dunu Hephaes in excellent condition with no signs of wear. Reason for sale is that I never really used them that much and only bought them to compare to the many pairs of IEMs I have in possession. They've been stored in their carrying pouch for the past couple months and I...
  11. rockywu0204

    DUNU Sharing picture to win DN-16 Hephaes Join period extend to 7/30!!

    Hi guys,   Brand new Head Fi only event for you. Show your earphone to win DUNU DN-16 Hephaes (extremely eye catching Flame design with booming Bass). Event requirement is really simple. Just take one picture to show how you enjoy the music with earphone/headphones. Any kind or brand...
  12. trueblue1994

    Xears Ultraphile vs Dunu Hephaes vs Soundmagic E30

    I have to chose one of these as my friend(who owns these currently) will be gifting one of these to me as my bday present. So price is not an issue. My favorite genres - Rock/Metal. I like bass but dont like it overpowering the mids and the highs. Also the isolation must be decent. If not...
  13. anthony81212

    Help! My IEM's are out-of-phase from the factory!

    Hey everyone,   So I bought a pair oF Dunu I3C-S IEMs a fellow head-fi member. When I met up with him, I auditioned the IEMs for a brief moment with Coldplay - Princess of China.   Right at the start of the song, I immediately noticed something was different about this pair of IEM's -...
  14. GigaFi

    DUNU Appreciation Thread

    This thread is created to talk about all things related to DUNU products.   They seem to be putting out great looking headphones with above average sound that usually includes an insane amount of accessories.   DUNU's website: http://www.dunu-topsound.com/   Joker's thread with...
  15. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] DUNU Trident and Hephaes

    First, I’ll like to thank DUNU for the sample. DUNU, also known as TopSound, is one of best headphone OEM currently in China. They have been around for a while now but mostly outside of the public’s view as an OEM. However, they have recently decided to refocus on their own DUNU brand of...
  16. TheGame21x

    [ REVIEW] DUNU Hephaes (DN-16) - Bass? I Got Your Bass Right Here!

    First, I’d like to thank the folks at DUNU-TopSound once again for providing samples for review.   As DUNU’s current flagship IEM, the Hephaes has a lot to live up to. Competition in the sub $100 price bracket is stronger than ever, with strong entries from several companies such as HiFiMan...
  17. LFF

    DOUBLE REVIEW!!! DUNU Ares (DN-11) & DUNU Hephaes (DN-16)

    ****Note**** As always, these are strictly my opinions. I try to present these products as honestly as possible and try to describe them as best as possible. As always, YMMV. ****NOTE****       DUNU ARES & DUNU HEPHAES        ...
  18. throzen0303

    Dunu Hephaes [Impression + Review + tons of photos]

    Dunu-TopSound Hephaes Review   Specs:   Driver type:  Dynamic 9mm Freq. Response: 10~20KHz SPL: 105±2dB Impedance: 16ohms Plug Size:  3.5mm Gold Plated Cord Length: 1.2m Wire Material: Multilayer leading pipe micro folded yarns structure.   Source used in this review...
  19. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed) - Part 1

          Hello guys, I'm engineer Andy from DUNU. DN16’s near 10 months development is close to finish. It can’t wait to be published. And I want to share some thoughts with you.       2010 April I have been assigned to develop 8 models of DUNU and required to achieve “SM3” (the sound quality...
  20. jant71

    DUNU Trident and Hephaes Review.

    DUNU are at it again with two more models, The DN-12 or Trident and DN-16 or Hephaes. All four models thus far from the DUNU-TOPSOUND resurgence are now available on ebay...http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=DUNU&_sacat=0&_odkw=DUNU&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313   First up is the...
  21. DUNU DN-16 hephaes

    DUNU DN-16 hephaes

    DUNU DN-12 Trident Model No: Hephaes (DN-16) Type: HQ 9mm Dynamic F. Response 10Hz-20KHz Noise Attenuation: 26dB Weight: 22g Plug Size: 3.5mm Gold-plated Cord Length: 1.2m