1. EpicPie

    LE: Dunu 5x EX150 (150ohm)

    Sold to Evilhippie
  2. DUNU-Topsound

    Show your AMPs and get DUNU 5X 150 try out chance !! (Former EX150) closed

    Hi Head Fiers,   Once again DUNU bring you surprise. As long as you show your Earphone AMPs pics in your home in this thread. You will have a chance to be first one testing DUNU 5X 150 (simple package). Let's see who will be the lucky one lol.  Five DUNU 5X 150 will provided in this event. ...
  3. wilzc

    Limited Edition Dunu 5x EX150 earbuds

    I'm one of the very very lucky few that received these limited edition earbuds.   Apparently only 20 of them are in existence worldwide.   Superbly made with great cables and a nice attached cable wrap.   The sound, changes from neutral and balanced without the foam sleeves to a very...
  4. ostewart

    FS/FT: Pioneer SE-2 + Dunu 5X 150

    ook, i have a pair of Dunu 5X 150 which are limited edition, less than 20 were made, they are really good earbuds, but i just dont use them. they are in excellent condition, like new. shoot me offers.   Also i have a pair of Pioneer SE2 vintage headphones, in excellent condition. i dont need...
  5. ostewart

    FS: Dunu 5X 150 + cMoy (limited edition earbuds)

    Selling my Dunu 5X 150 (150ohm) earbuds, they sound fantastic and are in like new condition with original box and everything. I am just not an earbud person so i no longer need these, hardly been used.   less than 20 pairs of these were made.   they really need an amp to sound their best...
  6. swbf2cheater

    ***Earbud Guide - 22 Earbuds compared***

            ****Earbuds Guide****   A review and comparison of 22 earbuds      The Current contenders are:   The Sennheiser MX series ( 580, 880, 980) The Yuin Series ( Ok1, Pk1, Pk3 ) The Sunrise Charm The Final Audio Piano Forte II Blue Ever Blue 328R BeyerDynamic...
  7. Dunu 5X 150 earbuds

    Dunu 5X 150 earbuds

    A new earbud from Dunu, it is the revised EX150. Good overall balance, with bass that will satisfy most, and great soundstage. At 150 Ohm's they really do well amped.