dunu 3001 pro
  1. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU Spring Sale! Up to 20% off our most popular items

    We're clearing out the cobwebs and wiping down the grounds of the DUNU Factory Direct Shop! For a limited time, we're discounting up to 20% off our most popular items, including the DK-3001 PRO five-driver hybrid, the Studio SA6 six-driver handmade earphone, and many of our cables equipped with...
  2. Pezzab

    New to the world of head fi: So how good can a portable hi res DAP be?

    Hello, I thought I'd start my introductory thread with a question regarding DAPs, but here is some more context - tl:dr my specific query is at the very end: I've been into hifi for many years yet somehow it has never occured to me to investigate the world of portable hifi until I recently...