dum cable
  1. Torac

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers (Dan Clark Audio) Open Alpha (Alpha Dog)

    Hi, I am selling my self-constructed open alpha as I have moved onto other headphones and these don't get used as much as they used to. The cups are printed in resin and finished in a gloss red similar to the original which cost me £97, it comes with real mrspeakers alpha pads, comfort strap...
  2. mrspeakers

    Half off on DUM Cables

    Your chance to get our DUM cables starting at only $99.99, half off. Looking for 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 1/4" or XLR for you Alpha, AEON or ETHER headphones? Now's your chance to save... Inventory limited. https://www.mrspeakers.com/shop/accessories/cables/dum-dual-entry-cables-37.html
  3. cubed4life

    Selling MrSpeakers 10ft Dum Cable 1/4"

    Great cable, Great condition Please ask if any questions Shipping and fees included in the US