dual nutube
  1. HiGHFLYiN9

    Sangaku DIY NuTube Headphone Amp / Preamp

    Great news for the headphone DIY community; Pete Millett has released his Sengaku design as a DIY friendly offering on his site: http://www.pmillett.com/sangakuDIY.html The original was a TTVJ offering in 2016 for $2K. Changes include swapping SMD for through-hole components and ditching the...
  2. Andykong

    Cayin C9: Dual Nutube, Fully Balanced Class A/AB Portable HeadAmp

    Cayin C9: TOTL Portable Headphone Amplifier Cayin was founded in 1993 and is one of the largest audio tube amplifier development and manufacturing facilities in the world. We have developed over 400 products to date, ranging from CD players to speakers, all of which provide the same...